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Jewellery Designing History: How Temple Jewellery Became Fashionable

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India is an abode to a variety of jewellery crafted in various fashion. However, one design that’s proven to remain predominant is temple jewellery, which is inspired from the illustrations and carvings of South Indian Temples. There are many Indian Artisans who specialize in temple jewellery and have created some unique masterpieces.

Now let’s discuss the making of Temple Jewellery and how it has become fashionable in today’s world.


The Making


You could spend some time on the internet researching about reputed institutes offering jewellery design classes. These classes teach everything right from jewellery making to marketing.

Here are some really interesting things about the making of temple jewellery from some of the finest artisans of India:


Jewellery Designing


They say, “there is no better artist, than an artist who makes with hands”. while the process of making art with your hand is rigorous, the result is usually brilliant.

  • The first step is to make a dye of the shape. The shape may be of Gods, idols, trees, plants, flowers and leaves. Each time the shape of the dye may differ keeping the planned design which is to be crafted.
  • A gold foil with a medium range of thickness is placed on the dye and is hammered to give it the shape of the dye.
  • After that, it is decorated with stones or pearls of choice and soldered together.
  • The final step is polishing and giving it an antique finish.


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Even the content of a typical jewellery designing course will have this process but hearing it from artist gives a better understanding.

There are a lot of professional jewellery makers, but making temple jewellery is a unique art. If this has got you interested, you can enrol in a jewellery design institute and take this as a profession.


Temple Jewellery Today’s Bridal Fashion


Dating back to the 9th century, temple jewellery was used to decorate idols of Gods and Goddesses, hence its name is derived from there. As this jewellery holds high standards, it is made of pure gold and studded with precious stones and gems.


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Earlier, many South Indian classical dancers started wearing temple jewellery for their performances. Slowly temple jewellery started adorning the wardrobe of south Indian brides.

The designs of temple jewellery is so intricate that it takes hours for even skilled artisan to complete one design.

Today, the intricacy of temple jewellery is being adapted in contemporary designs, hence resulting in its popularity.


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The commonly found designs are motifs, faces of Gods or Goddess. A deep study of jewellery design education will actually give you a clear picture on the making of temple jewellery.

There are different types of temple jewellery such as earrings, pendants, long necklaces, bangles etc. However, one of the most donned jewellery piece is the pendant. It can be worn with any chain made of beads or semi-precious stones.

Among the many types of jewellery, temple jewellery stands out as it defines the actual grandeur and beauty of the traditions and culture of India.


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Temple Jewellery depicts traditions of India leaving you in awe with its vibrant history. It stands as a symbol of love for deities worshipped in our country. Imitation of temple jewellery is also found in movies.

Doesn’t all this make you wonder how the phrase “old is gold” never goes out of fashion?

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