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Jewellery Designing Ideas for Making Amazing Statement Jewellery

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Jewellery fashion has grown so very liberal that today’s jewellery design revolves around the concept of personalisation and expression of moods, ideas and that typical affirmation of mindset known as “making a statement”.

Jewellery is not just about beauty and art but has a deeper meaning and a wide scope for improvisation. A typical jewellery design institute focuses on the concept of creating jewellery that marks some significance with respect to tradition, beliefs or symbolism.


jewellery design institute


In today’s liberal world, people choose to wear jewellery that suits their own taste. They may not be too particular about the material and designs that are used to craft it. Jewellery designing has become more innovative and has given impetus to the unique branch of statement jewellery.

Statement jewellery has opened doors to the opportunity to craft unique designs and introduce a range of ideas that translate into trendy and personalised designer jewellery. Jewellery design education associates great relevance to statement jewellery as it is a treasure trove of opportunity to create new varieties of jewellery. There’re quite a few interesting ideas for making statement jewellery.


Jewellery design education


The Best of Beads


Any bead; wooden, clay, pearl or plastic, make a great ingredient to design jewellery like chains or bracelets that fall into alternative or statement jewellery. Observing the trends, one can see that a lot of experimentation is done with size, colour, number, and arrangement to match one’s own choices and tastes.

In one typical style of a statement necklace, the largest bead comes in the middle and is flanked by beads with progressively decreasing size. Multicolored beads with a palette viz. nature’s greens or rainbow are also used to make wonderful statement jewellery. Pearl chains are also very popular in this line.


A Wave of Weaves


Woven jewellery especially, comes under the category of fabric jewellery. Here, either the whole jewellery is made with cloth or cloth is used to add definition to an existing jewellery viz. a metal chain.

An idea of making this variety of jewellery is where strips of cloth are twisted and pulled through beads or rings, with or without knots. Then, the individual strips are fused together at one end to create a thick mesh of ornate cloth strings.

Another idea for cloth-based statement jewellery is adding cloth tassels to chains that dangle from each link of the chain. It’s also worth it to try out ribbons wrapped through a necklace.


fashion jewellery


Sure About Shapes


Pendants are a vital part of any necklace. Designing pendants of different shapes give a variety of impression to the ornaments. Shaping pendants from materials like wood, plastic, rubber, wire, paper, etc. are all part of the funky designs that are made in statement jewellery.

One can create a pretty sizeable pendant by cutting out a shape from thick paper and cloth, stick them to create a base and then stick it with gilt or brooches to create a charming locket. The same can be done with beads also.

It’s also possible to cut out distinct shapes like stars, crescents or pentagons, connected with strings and worn as a necklace.


jewellery design classes


Riveting Rings


Rings of all sizes can be used to craft a statement jewellery. Be it stringing together rings into a broad mesh covering the front of the chest, or a simple ring assortment for a pendant or for the entire necklace, the varieties of designs one can make out of rings are numerous.

A peculiar ring design is the choker ring necklace that has a single wire for its body and a dangling ring or nicely cut stone for a pendant. Multiple ringed necklaces or earrings are also very much in fashion.

Choosing statement jewellery is not necessarily a consequence of thrift. On the contrary, as those in a jewellery design course will agree, it is mostly a desire to be free and creative that leads most to choose statement jewellery. Besides, it presents ample chance for a frequent change of jewellery without the guilty feeling. Anyone who desires to formally learn the process can surely enrol into jewellery design classes and enjoy crafting some cool designs.

The art of making amazing statement jewellery thus is all about one’s ability to imagine and craft such pieces of jewellery that suit a concept or theme.

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