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Jewellery Designing – Popular Terms Used In Jewellery Designing

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Are you a jewellery enthusiast, or aspiring to be a jewellery designer? Whenever you reach out to the store, you confront many terminologies used in jewellery scene. These words might have intrigued you!

Now you don’t need to have to be concerned with that any more. Jewellery designing education in India is growing. It’s easy for you to learn jewellery design and in the process learn jewellery terms. You can find many jewellery designing institutes in India to learn the jewellery art.

Here, we will check out the popular terms used in jewellery designing. Knowing these terms can make you feel confident to walk into a store, and ask the right questions to the salesperson.


Carat (ct)


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Carat is a term related to jewellery, pronounced as “karət”. It is the unit used to measure the weight of a gemstone. The term is derived from the carob seed. Coming to the measurements, a hundred cents make up 1 Carat. So, whenever you go to a jewellery store and face the question “what carat/cent gem are you looking for?”, you can answer sensibly. Training with pioneered institutes like Hamstech and taking advantage of the booming jewellery designing training in India can give you an edge in being smarter at appreciating jewellery.




Setting is a term in jewellery used for stones. Diamond setting or Gemstone setting are examples. However, the setting styles differ as there are many in prevalence.


Bezel setting: Bezel setting is done when it is secured in a place with the help of a thin metal strip around its edge.


Pavé setting: When there are small stones set together making them appear like a honeycomb of gems, then it is called pavé setting.


Prong setting: When the gemstone is secured by strong prongs in the edges of the gemstone, these prongs appear like claws fabricated in strong gold. In fact, they are the only parts to secure a gem in place.


Channel setting: If a gemstone is held in a place within a grooved channel, then it is called Channel setting.


Gold Hallmarking


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Gold hallmarking is what we see stamped on a gold jewellery piece that specifies the purity of gold, its trademark and other information about the gold manufacturer. The gold hallmarking is dependent on various factors like touchstone method, destructive test, durability of gold and so on. Gold hallmarking is a different topic altogether. If you are living in Hyderabad, you can take jewellery designing training in Hyderabad at innovative training institutes like Hamstech.

There are many more terminologies used in jewellery designing. It takes just a keen interest to learn them from an institute or sources including online channels.


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