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Jewellery Designing Practice: An Introduction to Jewellery Engraving

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The first thing that any person would notice about a jewellery is the design. If the design is unique, it surely would get the attention of the buyer.

The practice of chiselling jewellery is known as ‘engraving’. A piece of jewellery gets the perfect cut and shape only in the hands of a skilled craftsman. Jewellery designing is an art and requires years of experience to master it. In the yesteryears, jewellery designing was an absolute work of the hand. However, today, with the advancement of technology jewellery designing is done using specific machines.

Let’s take a closer look at the procedure of engraving jewellery and the necessary tools used.


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The Procedure of Engraving


Before a jewellery reaches the final stage, it goes through a series of processes. Each piece of jewellery is crafted in a unique manner. Therefore, the more intricate a design, the longer number of hours it would take to complete it. Also, engraving requires the use of special tools and equipment to get the desired result.

To engrave on a metal, a tiny chisel made of hard steel is used. There is also a sharp tool used to engrave alphabets and designs. This tool is set at a certain angle with a specific force. With a downward and forward movement of the tool, the craftsman is able to engrave the design.

When engraving on metal, the angle has to be accurate and controlled to achieve a uniform cut. The angle and the force of the tool become the deciding factor for the quality. This is a practical subject, so the students pursuing a jewellery design course need to frequently interact with artisans and craftsmen. This exposure helps them to develop their skills and expands their learning horizon.


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Tools used for Engraving


Only precise tools are used to engrave and they are known as ‘gravers’. These gravers should be of very good quality steel, well-shaped and sharp. The grip must also be comfortable for the artisan to control the movement.

In a jewellery design course, a brief introduction to the different types of tools is taught to students. This helps them get a better understanding of how each tool is used. Following are the various types of gravers used for engraving.


Types of Gravers


  1. Onglette
  2. Knife Graver
  3. Bevelled Graver
  4. Oval Graver
  5. Flat Graver
  6. Round Graver
  7. Florentine Finish Graver


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Some of the most common engraved jewellery pieces are- monograms, names, dates, special messages, finger laser etching, etc. All these are mostly engraved on jewellery articles such as pendants, finger rings, earrings, bracelets and even keychains.


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Jewellery design is a booming career. A growing demand for engraved jewellery is on the rise. Students who have taken jewellery design as the mainstream career are equally skilled to create exquisite pieces.

Enrol in a jewellery design course and etch your name!


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