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Jewellery Designing: The 5 Must-Have Jewellery Collection

jewellery designing

I have enough jewellery.
-Said no one ever!

Are you that someone too?

Be it a festive event or a casual day at work, jewellery has always been instrumental in putting a simple look together. A costume or an outfit looks incomplete or just about basic without the right accessories.

Jewellery has played a significant role in adorning an individual’s attire right from historic times. Over the years, women have donned different types of jewellery to create an impact.

Today, jewellery designing is rated as one among the choicest career option for young and creative students. This art of crafting metal gives students a chance to deal with rare and precious gemstones.

If you too want to begin a career in jewellery designing, then a specialization course can fetch you your dream job.

So, how about working on your jewellery wardrobe and creating your style statement?


jewellery designing course


A Pair of Earrings

A pair of earrings can make you look stylish and add some appeal to your face. These are certainly a must-have in a woman’s jewellery collection.

A pair of earrings can vary, right from being feather light to heavy and studded with different stones. Depending on the occasion, you can always choose your jewellery. A pair of pearls or diamond earrings are best suited for a subtle but classy look. On the other hand, hoops and chandeliers add a boho look to your appearance.


jewellery design institute


Statement necklace

You can create a style statement with a bold necklace or just a string of pearls. Every woman must have a statement necklace. This is one such accessory that can effortlessly complete your look.

In a jewellery designing course, an exclusive session on creating statement jewellery is taught. Jewellery making today is a much sort after career and many students have shown a keen interest in it.


jewellery designing education


Cocktail ring

Bold, delicate, chunky, vintage, what does your favourite ring look like? With a cocktail ring on your fingers, you’ll never go wrong. Today, many women like to customize their rings as per their choice. If you are good in illustration, sketch your own jewellery and get a customized piece ready. Sounds great, right?

But if your interest lies into creating not just simple pieces but extravagant ones, then join a reputed jewellery design institute and learn how.


jewellery designing classes



Bracelets seem to be a better option for women who do not like wearing a watch or choose to keep it simple. Bracelet is one such accessory that is bound to suit just about any outfit. They are available in different shapes and sizes. As they have an element of versatility to it, you can also make them yourself with just about anything.


jewelry design school



If you are someone who loves to wear a skirt or 3/4th pants, an anklet is a must-have accessory for you. Anklets come in various designs and are available in different kinds of metal too. And today they aren’t restricted to just a plain string with bells on it, rather they come in funky designs for those who like to keep it interesting.

The above 5 must-haves are all you need to jazz up your evening. Pick any of these accessories and pair it with the right outfit to bring out the best in you.

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