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Jewellery Designing Tips: How to Increase the Value of Old Jewellery

Jewellery Designing

Jewellery has an emotional and material value that gives it a special status by the way it is treated, handled, used and invested in. The value of jewellery is commonly determined by considering the material it is made of and the embellishments it holds viz. precious stones. It’s needless to say that value of jewellery crafted in precious metals like gold, silver and platinum are high on sale and resale.


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Keeping jewellery’s sheen and quality intact through the years makes it a good investment besides being a great accessory to wear. This also applies to a lot of jewellery that pass hands as heritage which involves a lot of old jewellery. One of the topics that a jewellery design course deals with is how to keep and increase the value of old jewellery.


While a lot of effort to help your jewellery preserve and increase its value goes into maintaining it physically, there are other factors that can be managed well to give a lot of perceived value that is an addition to the the jewellery’s actual worth. These factors are important for a student learning jewellery designing to understand, as it helps him to work towards becoming a good entrepreneur too!

So let us look at a few tips, relevant to jewellery design as a subject, to increase the value of old jewellery.


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Keep your jewellery clean.


It is important to regularly check and keep your jewellery clean as the chances of dirt and impurities accumulating on them by constant use is very high. The sheen also fades in a while after use. Clean the jewellery in warm water with soap using a soft brush and leave it to dry. Harsh cleaning can damage the lustre of the jewellery. Trust a jeweller in case it is a great idea to also polish it a bit.


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Restore the jewellery to keep it intact.


Restoring breakages, worn parts, missing stones and the likes gives the jewellery a new charm and increases its value. Again, a trusted jeweller can do a great work at it and can even help you with any customisations you want to do in the process.


Always preserve the jewellery’s documentation.


The original documentation of the jewellery gives a lot of details about it and highlights its best and genuine qualities. When you put the jewellery up for resale, having documentation for it gives it great value and will avoid chances of devaluation.


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Present your jewellery well while selling.


After all the good measures you take to preserve and increase the value of your jewellery, a good presentation becomes essential to make people feel that the jewellery has indeed been preserved well and has great value by virtue of its condition. Never miss on a good packaging. It makes a huge difference.

Those were just a few steps in making your jewellery get more value on resale. Ask a professional jeweller or enrol into a jewellery design course to learn more if you are interested. It definitely helps in earning you good value for your jewellery.

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