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Jewellery Designing Tips to Make Crochet Jewellery Using Beads

jewellery designing classes

Are you are in the quest of giving a new direction to the art of making jewellery, or finding an inspiration to create something new? If you are, here are some tips to make wonderful crochet jewellery using beads.


Beat the bead:


Size of the Bead: The details of any kind of bead jewellery shows the size of the beads, ranging from 2mm to 16*77mm.

You can take up jewellery designing classes to understand different types of beads.


Jewellery designing course


Shape of the Bead: The shape of a bead also determines and enhances the final product. It could be a regular round, oval, an embossed square or a diamond shaped. The shape of the bead results in providing a unique finish to the jewellery.

Are you using a bulky yarn or a thin yarn? It is important to match with the size and shape of the bead. The jewellery design will not be appropriate and you may end up making something which is not wearable.


Jewellery designing schools


Needle & Thread:


Needle: Don’t you jump into any conclusions reading the sub heading. Choosing the appropriate needle for your beads and properly threading them is another important thing.

You don’t have to roll around these things if you can afford a Jewellery designing course. It can actually teach you the nook and corner of jewellery designing.

Coming back to what we were talking before, the size of the needle matters. If you choose a big needle for a seed bead, you will end up breaking all the beads in the process.


jewellery design course


Do not prefer sewing needles to make you bead crochet. There are specific needles made for the use of different sewing requirements.  This is one of the primary things taught in a jewellery design course.


Thread: It is dishearting to realize that you cannot squeeze your bulky yarn into the tiny set of beads. Make sure you thread the beads into the yarn or thread it before itself. It depends upon the size of the bead you choose and the thickness of the yarn, to decide whether threading has to be done before or after.

If you are still confused about your jewellery design you may have to go back to the top designs of crochet jewellery and get an inspiration.


jewellery design




You have an idea and your tool kit ready to make your crochet jewellery. What to make? Is the question. Is it a pair of beautiful dangling earrings or a heavy beaded clutch or a statement necklace? So here are some options if you are confused:


Earrings: You can play with colours when you make a pair of dangling earrings or studs.


Clutch: You can choose to make a heavy beaded single folding clutch or a clutch with a topping of tiny beads added as details on the surface.


Necklace: You can play with a variety of designs and make necklaces.

There you go! Now you have all the information and guidance on how to go about making a perfect beaded crochet jewellery. You can also test your hands at beading, knitting and knotting your masterpiece.

All the best!

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