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Jewellery Designing Trends: All About Tassel Jewellery

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There’s a very close connection between women and jewellery. It’s almost like one without the other is incomplete and they both complement each other. Jewellery has been associated with the human race for centuries. In an Indian context, right from the Indus Valley Civilization, men and women have been adorning different types of jewellery.

What makes jewellery valuable is the use of precious metals, gems and stones such as gold, silver, diamonds, etc. Jewellery designing is a very interesting and creative art. The art of jewellery making has been passed through generations by artisans and craftsmen.

Some of the most popular types of jewellery are bridal jewellery, ivory jewellery, lac jewellery and stone jewellery. But among the different types of jewellery, tassel jewellery is one of the most trending. Tassel jewellery is very versatile that can be donned at a formal as well as traditional occasion.


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Tassels are basically loosely hanging threads which are knotted at one end. They are made by bunching individual thread strands together. It’s a very beautiful type of jewellery you would get to learn in jewellery design classes.

So, go ahead and rekindle your love for jewellery making through this blog and create fantastic tassel jewellery pieces!


Tassels with Old Coins


If you have a hobby of collecting old coins, then you can use them in making coin tassel jewellery.

For this, you will need old coins, silk threads for tassel, clamp to tighten, cutter, old chain and connectors. Make a bunch using any coloured silk thread and knot it on one end. Now take a coin and drill a tiny hole through it (up and down), good enough for the chain to pass through. Pass the chain through the coin hole from one end and the tassel from the other. Use connectors to join the coin and the tassel.

There you go! Your coin tassel chain is ready!

In a jewellery design institute, students get an opportunity to create from simple to exquisite pieces of jewellery. So why not take your creativity to the next level by enrolling into a jewellery design course.


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Tassels with Earrings


Creativity has no boundaries! Similarly, you can do so much with just simple earrings. Make your boring earrings funky by adding colourful tassels on one end.

Take out any pair of earring and hook the tassel below in such a way that it hangs loosely. Voila! You’ve created stylish earrings which you can wear to a party.


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Tassel Pendant


Want to create something unique? Try making tassels with feathers. It gives a wonderful look and feel to the jewellery piece.

Colourful feathers are easily available. Just make a bunch of few feathers and tie them together with a fine shimmer cord. Make a small loop to insert a hook from which you can pass the chain through.

Congratulations! You’ve created a lovely feather tassel pendant.

You can add beauty to old jewellery as well as create new ones. When making tassels do not confine them to just threads. You can use feathers, chain, leather and more. So, learn, explore and create unique varieties of tassel jewellery today.

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