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Jewellery Designing Trends: High on Choker Fashion

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There is no exaggeration in saying that jewellery trends keep changing every now and then. One of those old school comebacks is the choker neckpiece.

It is said that the choker fashion has made its way back from the 90’s. When it comes to jewellery, chokers take fashion jewellery to another level.

Chokers have become one of the important trends in jewellery designing. Chokers are categorised as jewellery trends where the 90s were very high on velvet chokers, stone chokers etc. The addition to the chokers of today is the 3D print.


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beginning was the pearl choker wore by French courtesans. After that, chokers were worn by many people including Princess Diana until late 90’s. It no longer stayed as a fancy accessory but became a necessity to match up with all kinds of wear like casual, glamorous and sporty looks. Chokers make a good pair with an off-shoulder trend of clothing. For instance, chokers look very good on an off-shoulder top or a low neck dress.

A typical jewellery design tend brings changes to trending jewellery by creating an interest to the wearer. The change might be minimal or a big one. Even a small change can create loads of interest, like the 3D print chokers are on the top list in choker fashion.

Following are the different types of chokers:


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3D, Belts & Straps:


3D printing is proving its eminence in today’s fashion. 3D clothing is also trending in the fashion industry. Fashion specialists from a top jewellery design school say that 3D printing can create a revolution in the fashion industry. 3D printed chokers are lightweight and they come especially in floral patterns and various geometric patterns like squares, rectangles, and other asymmetrical shapes. 3D choker designs fit all moods.

Belts are another type in choker fashion. They are made of leather, rexine, different fabrics of cloth, etc. Belt chokers resemble a dog belt but there is no need to worry as they also come under a fashion fad. Belt chokers are high on choker trends as they add a sporty style. A thin and simple band tied around the neck with a bow at the end also come under belt choker. Simple bands create an interest to minimal casual wear.


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Layers in chokers might stance a number of questions. Choker layering may be with dainty three-layered chains or a thick layer of the choker with delicate smaller chains as an outline. Layering in chokers also extends to the bust level depending on the exclusivity of the design. Latest jewellery trends as a result of jewellery design education state, that layers of chains are not only subjected to chokers but are found in all other types of neck jewellery.


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Geometric chokers are designer chokers that suit all kinds of western outfits and fusion wear. They are thick rod-like structures twisted to form and create a statement neckpiece. Some of the geometric choker designs are thick and resemble the type of jewellery worn by Ancient Egyptian queens.

Geometric chokers come in all sizes and shapes. The distinctiveness in the shapes of geometric chokers has created a wave in the fashion set. Shapes like helix, hexagonal, etc. are prominently seen.


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Stones and Sparkles:


Designers who have specialized in jewellery designing suggest that taking up a short-term jewellery designing course will help one understand the changing trends of jewellery. Getting back to chokers, a huge variety of stone studded chokers are found in the market. For example, two or three tiny lines can be joined by setting stones in between.


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For Men:


It might be surprising that how chokers sneaked into the men’s section of accessories. Chokers fill the shortage of statement-making options in men’s accessories. Men also enjoy wearing chokers as dominant accessories to their monochromatically neutral clothing.

Chokers can be chic as proven by many of the fashion front-runners who almost wear them on a daily basis. Wearers can push their imaginations to any extent when it comes to adding chokers into their jewellery boxes.

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