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Jewellery Designing Try-Outs: Donning Jewellery Punk Style

“All punk is is attitude. That’s what makes it. The attitude.” says Joey Ramone.

The quote drastically brings down the effort to explain what punk is. The wave of aggression to break through established norms of fashion and lifestyle, that swept over history in the 1970s, has created a new ground for generations to express attitude in many ways including fashion, music, jewellery, grooming and art.

What’s dynamic about punk is that it is starkly personal and even in its mellowed version, gives a strong sense of expression that can’t be overlooked. The punk culture resonates with the need to give voice to the silence and style to the symbols that declares that freedom is all we need to live fully.


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Jewellery designing is one field that has imbibed the essence of the punk culture to adapt it creatively to suit the times. The greatest advantage of this is unprecedented variety and innovativeness in jewellery that finds expression in seemingly unimaginable and unique designs.

That’s what jewellery design education deals with today: Finding creativity in breaking conventions of jewellery design! When jewellery of the new generation is revisiting or reinventing the punk art and attitude, there are more than just the youngsters who are trying it.

Let’s see the major characteristics of punk jewellery design that is making it a favourite among every jewellery enthusiast.


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The Shock Value


Punk was never there to breeze through but to storm in. The aim of anything punk was to give a jolt, to surprise and leave you agitated; the very notion every rebellious kid would wear with pleasure.

So be it the choice of materials to make the jewellery or the designs that try out every possibility from geometry to souvenirs, the shock value of punk designs is the soul of the idea, which is completely adapted into the jewellery fashion.


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You can’t really end up making a small list of design varieties when you try to classify punk designs. The things and themes one can use to create jewellery is limited only by one’s own imagination.

Punk jewellery is not restricted to gold and silver. Almost any material comes into use for making the jewellery. So besides these precious metals, the materials used can be stainless steel, plastic, enamel, glass alloy, copper, ceramic, leather and a lot more.

Besides, the designs can be as complicated as an intricately crafted full body necklace or a Boho jewellery. It could also be as simple as a spiralling wire ring or a simple leather choker with a lining of stones.

Innovation is the key to the designs made in punk jewellery.


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At its core, punk is also about projecting one’s own attitude and emotions through art and fashion. This applies even to jewellery design. Punk jewellery reflects the best and strongest part of your personality that you are determined to project.

Hamstech Institute brings the discussion on punk jewellery to the classroom to give the students the impressive range that it provides them to conceive new designs. Afterall, whatever enriches creativity works wonders in the craft of jewellery designing.

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