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jewelry designing course

Drama, mystery, romance, fashion and jewelry comes to my mind when I think of award seasons, movie premiers and of course binge watching movies of old Hollywood.  It’s not just the story that has us glued to our seats but also the opulent jewelry piece that drape the bodies our favorite stars. Anyone would swear that these are abundant source of inspiration if you are pursuing a jewelry designing course.

Each piece of jewelry however small has a role to play in the grander scheme of the story. Like the beautifully crafted jewelry of Jodha Akbar or the Hope diamond Harry Winston in Titanic, add it’s own character and importance to the story. When I was doing the jewelry designing course in Hyderabad, as a part of the project I had to design a jewelry inspired by a movie.

Movies and TV series are the biggest influencer of fashion and to be a part of this industry as a costume jewelry designer could be your calling. My interest in jewelry designing course was peaked when I saw Audrey Hepburn’s black dress and iconic chunky pearl necklace that even now is one of the most celebrated pieces of jewelry. You can recreate almost all kinds of jewelry if you have a formal education. Not only will you be able to learn the techniques by recreating but you will also create stunning designs of your own through a jewelry design course.

The best about trying to recreate an iconic look such as Audrey Hepburn’s from Breakfast at Tiffany is that most of the materials you’ll already have in your jewelry box and this little project is going to be very easy and fun.


Fishing twine.

Jump rings, clamps and a barrel fastener.

6-8 String of pearls.

Two large size crystal brooch- one round or ova l and another slightly triangular.

Glue gun.

Thin black metal hair band.




jewelry designing course in Hyderabad


I’m sure most of you own at least more than one necklace of pearls. It’s alright if the pearls are of different sizes; it will add texture to the look. Clamp each string, secure them together using jump rings and barrel fastener. These techniques are taught in jewelry designing courses.




jewelry designing


Measure out and find the center of the necklace. Hold all the string together and pin the brooch. Your iconic Audrey Hepburn inspired necklace is ready.



jewelry design course


Measure out and mark the center of the hairband. Carefully position and glue the brooch at the center so that the hairband now looks a tiara.



jewelry design schools

To complete the look, style your hair in a beehive and some winged eyeliner. Put on a LBD, black heels and gloves. You have successfully recreated magic moment of long ago.

As a jewelry designer there is no limit of creativity. Just follow your passion and create your own opulent designs.


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