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Latest Trends in the Fashion Design Industry

Latest Trends in the Fashion Design Industry

Experts say that the Fashion industry is one of the fastest emerging industries. As the demand for fashion accessories and clothes increases, so does the demand for fashion designers. Once you enter this field, you get countless career options that you can choose.

India is considered to be the centre of different designing streams like handloom, textile, graphics and fashion designing and as a designer, you have a lot of scope for growth in this industry.

Designers can take up the jobs in their core fields, like fashion designing or graphic design companies. They can also take up jobs as designers in TV shows, movies, fashion shows and various other fields where designers are required. All they need to learn are a few special courses to match the requirements and get the job.

Today the fashion industry not only has jobs for the youth but it gives ample opportunities to people of all age groups. You just need the right skill and talent to grab your dream job.

If you are thinking that a career in fashion designing does not offer enough wages to the employees, then this is a misconception. In fact , it is one of the highest paid streams of all. You get a great pay and position but as we know with great power comes great responsibility. It is not like a 9-5 job, where you can work on a desk. A career in designing requires a creative mind, it is interesting but time consuming. So, if you want a job where you can show your skills and think out-of-the-box, the fashion industry is the best place you can work in.

If you want to cope with the latest fashion technology, we need to change the traditional ways of working and adapt to the modern methods. Because the fashion industry keeps evolving every time a new software is launched and to keep up with the new software, we need to keep learning.

Now let’s know more about the factors affecting fashion designing and some important tips you must keep in mind while designing new things.

Seasons and Fashion Design

Seasons change so does the fashion trends. There are different outfits for various weather conditions. If you want to grow in your field, you must have the right knowledge of the type of fashion that is trending. Summer is all bright and shiny, so people like to wear bright and colourful clothes whereas winter is dull and people like to wear bold colours. Even the footwear (1) differs according to the seasons. In summer people consider to wear flats and in winter people opt for boots.

Market Intelligence and Fashion Design

Want to grow your business? Then you need to know the market inside out, all the leading trends in the market, all the losses and profits. And once you know the market you need to plan your steps accordingly. For instance, the recent year has been tough for everyone as the market was slow and all the businesses whether big or small have suffered. So, the companies did a check on what the market and people need and came up with the complete online marketing of their products. The same way, if we want to grow the business we need to know the preferences of people and update accordingly.


Consumer Research and Fashion Design

As we talk about the growth of a business, the most important factor responsible are the consumer or the clients. If we can identify what they need, the business will automatically grow. And to achieve that all we need to do is research on what the consumer demands for or what are the needs of the clients. Like the online marketing strategy most businesses opted for. Why do you think that happened? None of us ever expected we would be getting everything, be it big or small delivered right at your doorstep. This happened because the consumer demanded for it. No one wanted to get out of their houses and go shop for things. So, the companies came up with online marketing and sold their products to cover up the loss.

Keeping the customers happy is the key to a successful business. So, the fashion designers must know the latest trends in the market. Here are five latest trends of 2020.


Five New Trends & Innovations in Fashion Designing:


Most people think stripes are outdated and very old style of fashion but that is not true, they never went out of style. They have always been in trend as they are simple and classy, yet they can be styled in a lot of different ways.

Stripes in Fashion

Updated Athleisure

Athleisure has come a long way and has been seen in various seasons now. But a little update in the style brings it back to life. People are loving the updated version of athleisure and bought it back in trend in 2020.


Mules were a craze decades ago but people have gone back to this style of footwear. They generally have a covered front and an open back, which looks classy and stylish.

Mules in Fashion

Retro 80s

The 80s are long gone but the style of that time is back. Believe it or not the puff sleeves, eye catching ruffles, the bright colour combination, these give you countless options to style and experiment. The fusion of these retro styles with the latest one, these days, has made people want to have the essence of classic in their fashion life.

The Retro Fashion Look

Massive Handbags

Massive handbags do not refer to the big hand bags from the 80s or times when people used large bags for their daily needs. By the term massive we mean HUGE handbags. This may sound a little weird, but it is the fact that massive handbags are in trend these days. Hence, most people love to complete their style with huge handbags.

Massive Bags in Fashion

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