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Learn Interior Designing from Celebrity Homes: Irrfan Khan

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Achieving a chic and harmonious look for a home without an interior designer may not be easy. Over the years, it has become a trend for celebrities to hire designers. Interior designer’s  in depth subject knowledge and skills enables them to replicate your ideas into concrete forms.

In a creative profession such as interior designing, creativity must flow from the heart. That’s when the actual essence of a space can be captured. The time and money that’s invested in creating a stylish home are unimaginable. Every space has to be carefully planned to keep its beauty as well as functionality in mind.

Among the many stunning celebrity homes, the one that has been creating a buzz is Irrfan Khan’s. Every space has an interesting element and is a true work-of-art. Here’s a sneak-peek into this fabulous celebrity’s home.

The Pond

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There are core principles followed by every Interior designer to make homes functional. These principles are a must-know and can be learned while pursuing an interior designing course. One such principle is ‘balance’.

The actor’s living room perfectly establishes the principle of balance. For the love of a waterbody, a pond which closely resembles a ‘Turkish bathtub’ made of square blue stone is placed at the centre of the living room. The pond beautifully balances the existences of contemporary and modern furniture placed around the living room.

The living room receives ample of natural light through the huge bay window. All the articles in the room also balance one another.

The Jhoola (Swing)

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The jhoola (swing) is another element that fulfils the principle of interior designing – rhythm. Fastened with thick blue ropes, the swing is hung from a raw-finished ceiling that occupies a small space of the living room.

In interior design classes, a student learns various aspects of designing a home. You are taught how different objects when placed in various areas of a home define functionality.


The Dining Room

The dining room clearly defines yet another principle, ‘scale and proportion’. The choice of furniture, the lighting and colours speak for themselves. The furniture is designed with the right proportion keeping the scale of the room in mind. The blue and white upholstery perfectly complements the white walls.

Five block wire lamps hang from the ceiling illuminate only a specific area in the room. This creates an aesthetically appealing atmosphere. Indeed a perfect balance of scale and proportion!

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Love for Mirrors

Actor, Irrfan Khan has a fetish for mirrors. An area is specifically designed to hold mirrors of different shapes and sizes. The emphasis in this area is the mirrors as it becomes your point of focus. Here the mirrors add drama and style to the room.

For an interior designer, portraying this feature can be a challenge. Be it any interior designing institute, understanding the basic fundamentals of designing is the key to a successful career.

The Bedroom

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The custom made bedroom of the actor says it all. The hard wood finish of the floor, the white rug and the furniture stand out from the rest. One side of the wall is artistically done with Gond art which is visually appealing. Other knick-knacks that are placed at corners of the room are picked from the actor’s various travels.

Though all these elements are of different forms yet they beautifully sync with one another. This truly defines all the principles of designing.

Speaking of creative education, Hamstech institute is one of the leading institute that believes in encouraging its students to learn and implement every aspect of designing.

The Quiet Space

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No matter how beautiful a home may be, you still look for a quiet corner. Keeping this aspect in mind, a quiet space is specifically designing for Irrfan Khan. This space is furnished with a yellow table and two chairs. The actor uses this area when he needs to relax and spend a quiet time with himself.

A sneak-peak into Irrfan Khan’s home would have certainly got you interested in interior designing. You can always take inspiration from the artwork and create something stunning for yourself too. Make sure your work is original and solely yours!


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