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Learn Interior Designing from Celebrity Homes: Parineeti Chopra

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Celebrities carry their style statement everywhere and surround themselves with people and property that reflects their true tastes and outlook. Being ardent fans of celebrities, we keep a tab on much that goes on in their lives. It’s not uncommon by that measure to notice the dwellings they build or buy and appreciate its appearance and design.

Mumbai is the dream city of India and Bollywood, the dream factory. Bollywood celebrities have time and again come into the news for their pricey homes that they get designed to their desires. Designing homes for celebrities is a dream come true for every Interior Designing student.

To fuel this fire let’s take a look at the dream house of Parineeti Chopra, the Bollywood actress.  It’s an enviably sea-facing home in Bandra, Mumbai, where in one way, the sea is the limit. Following is a study of the salient features of the spectacular house, something that interior design students can take to their interior design classes to discuss.


The First Home


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She fell in love with this first home of hers, thanks to the view of the sea. Parineeti has in fact owned a precious abode that’s a dream come true. She admits that it was the sea that made her settle down with the house.

For an interior designer, it is necessary to understand the first love of the client that makes the home feel worthy for him/her. Working on that aspect will instil a lot of faith in the client about the design and will give a clear path for the designer to work on.


The Nostalgic Girl


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Parineeti is one who loves to keep her fond memories and love for cartoons and make space for these in her home. The home has a toy model of a camera and framed portraits of cartoon characters. Her love for creating a fairytale-like space reflects well in these.

The perfect home becomes an extension of the true attitude and temperament of its inhabitant. The truest part of his/her character needs a vibe around it that keeps those true qualities enriched.


Fun in the Details


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Parineeti’s seaside home has fun and sportiness in even the small accessories in it. There’s a key holder that says “Drama Queen”, which follows from one of her movie roles. There’s also a miniature guitar and replicas of bikes and old fashioned telephones on the walls. These accessories reflect her love for the fun side.

An expressive home will project every aspect of the owner’s character, in even the smallest accessories placed in it. A good interior designer never falls short of appreciating the importance of even the smallest items that means a lot to the client.


A Love for Green and Grandeur


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Parineeti’s home has a wholesome display of opulence when it comes to its splendid interiors. Its living room is majestically spacious and has chic furniture placed it, with a broad view of the sea from the balcony. The lights in the rooms are stylish and set on a tripod-design stand. Walls of different rooms have different looks that are basically earthy and natural. Be it the bamboo straw wall decor, rich granite walls with gold-coloured patterns or brown stone walls with natural texture in the washroom, the effect exuded by these are simply wonderful.

Besides, her love for nature is apparent from the plants and greenery strewed into the nooks and corners of the home. This mix of nature gives the perfect green home atmosphere which is great to be checked out by students of courses of interior designing.


A Vibrant Library


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Her love for reading and books is well served with a spacious and vibrant library. Comfort, style and books fill the space. The enticingly comfy sofa, the simple yet neat shelf and the richly arranged abundance of books, all give a magnificent look to this room.

In introducing to such celebrity homes, Hamstech Institute aims at familiarising enthusiasts of interior designing to the creative possibilities of interior design.

Keeping updated with the latest happenings in interior design domain gives a good perspective of the direction in which the discipline is developing into its future.

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