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Learning Photography: Portrait Photography

Photography courses

Photography as a discipline has become so notable in terms of getting differentiated into genres, helping photographers to specialise in particular areas. Genres like fashion, wedding and portrait photography are today considered highly competitive areas of photography.

Photography courses help one to understand the technical and commercial aspects of a particular genre of photography. One such genre is portrait photography.

Portrait photography today is a specialized art that needs technical acumen in setting the right colour tones, lighting and exposure, and creative ability to read a face and capture it subtly in a frame.

Experts working in many a photography school suggest that portrait photography is one of the happening career lines in many western countries. Portrait photographers, like other niche photographers, need to be creative and have a sharp eye for detail. This comes compounded with the thorough knowledge of the technicalities.


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Skills in post processing like photo editing and high-quality printing, along with good knowledge of studio lighting, outdoor setup and equipments are necessary to be an expert portrait photographer.

Keeping with the international standards in photography training, many professional photography courses in India are also equipping itself to meet such standards and broadening their scope by including topics such as portrait photography.

A look at the success stories of many top photographers in this particular field makes it evident that it’s a promising career line for photographers interested in the subject.

A look into the background of portrait photography reveals that it caters to the deeper psychological need of a human being to reflect one’s own image and preserve it to be admired and remembered. Hence portrait photography is an art of clicking memorable images that has a great emotional value that the photographer needs to understand and utilize.


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Even amateur photographers may be asked to click photos with family members and friends. A formal training with a short term course will help anybody to gain enough expertise to manage clicking decent portrait photographs.

Whether you are shooting in a studio or an outdoor location, professional advice will help you become a good portrait photographer.

Hamstech has introduced a short-term photography course which offers a specialisation in portrait photography.  It is a beginner’s course that will help you to establish a foundation for portrait photography.

The curriculum is designed to deliver the knowledge of the art and techniques of mood portrayal, effective communication with the subject, lighting and exposure, and image editing.

Hamstech’s celebrity mentor Avinash Gowariker enlightens the students about this field of photography and make them understand the prospects in it as a career.


short-term photography course


This course comes at a very affordable fee of Rs. 25,000 and lasts for 45 days. Hamstech also provides guidance to students to understand the market strategies to build a profession based on portfolio photography.

Photography students are now willing to take up specialisation in portrait photography knowing the recognition it has in the market. Hamstech stands tall among the reputed photography institutes that deliver the subject as a course.

The short-term course provided by Hamstech is a right platform for photographers to transform their interest in portrait photography into a profession.

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