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Love Baking? Here’s Everything You Should Know

Love Baking? Here’s Everything You Should Know

Baking offers multiple career options, you get great opportunities to rise above your position as a dessert specialist. Bakers who normally work in restaurants or bakeries make a median annual salary of around 16 lakhs, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. Experienced bakers can get opportunities in places where they can earn a little more than beginners. People who have a passion for baking can start their own store to sell their items and fulfil their dreams of becoming baking experts.

Before anything else let’s first know what actually baking is.


It is a method of preparing food using dry heat, typically in an oven or even hot ashes. Bread is known as the most commonly baked item. Today there are countless items that are made using the process of baking. When we bake something the heat is transferred from the base of the batter and it then travels to the center of the cake, cookie or bread to transform the batter into yummy baked goods. The crust is firm and dry but it is soft at the centre.

Baking can be combined in a lot of forms to give more opportunities for the bakers to have a great time baking. For instance, baking can be combined with a grill to produce a hybrid barbecue.

History of Baking

Baking has come a long way from where it has first originated in the early ages. The early humans would use wild grass, soaked them in water and mixed everything together. Mashing them into a batter and pouring it onto the hot rocks to cook it, resulting in a bread like substance.

Later in time when humans mastered fire, the paste was directly roasted on hot embers, which made bread-making easy as they could now make them anytime using fire. The world’s oldest oven was 6500 years old, which was recently discovered in Croatia in the year 2014. The ancient Egyptians baked bread using yeast, which they had previously been using to brew their beer. Bread baking originated in ancient Greece, around 600 BC (1). This led to the invention of enclosed ovens.

Baking flourished more during the Roman Empire. Starting around 300 BC, the occupation of pastry cook turned into a reputed one for Romans because pastries were considered decadent and Romans loved celebrating everything festive.

Pastries were often made for larger banquets. Any pastry cook who could experiment and invent a new type of tasty treat was highly valued. Slowly, the Roman art of baking got popular all over Europe and it even spread to eastern parts of Asia. Commercial trading and baking had many regulations attached in the city of London, by the 13th century.

Listed below are some of the most baked items in the world:


Bread baking has been done for centuries all over the world and there is hardly anyone who has never had a loaf in their morning routine. Just the smell while in the oven will make mouths water. From using a handful of ingredients like basic flour, yeast, water to salt you will get a finished product. This makes bread to be the most common item baked all over the globe.

Baking_ Bread


It’s your birthday, or your wedding, or just a casual day, cakes are the treats you opt for. They come in different flavours. No matter which cake it is, whether it is a step cake or a cupcake with different sizes but each of them gives you the delight you always crave for. Cakes are the best for all the events. This makes it the next most common item baked worldwide.

Baking_ Cakes



Not to be surprised why candies are the next item in our list as candies are the only thing everyone turns up to in any mood. Whether you are happy or sad or excited or down, candies cheer you up in every mood.

Baking_ Candy


This brings us to the next very common baked item, cookies. These are the common tea-time snacks that everyone enjoys to have. Even in their free time or when we are running short on time and don’t have enough time to eat a proper meal, we always turn up to cookies.

Baking_ Cookies



After cakes, pastries are the next delicious treat everyone loves to have. They are small in size but have a huge bust of taste. When we have these small treats, we get delicious snacks in a small package.

Baking_ Pastry

Pies and Tarts

Crisp, buttery, flaky, tender and toothsome these words can perfectly describe the most ethereal pie or tart crust. This relatively thin dough is used to envelope a sweet or savory filling and can take many different forms, like lattice-topped double crust pies, hand pies, open-faced fresh fruit tarts and crostatas. Learn more about the variety within this category as well as ingredients, thickeners and toppings from experts.

Baking_ Pies

These were the few most common items baked all over the globe, now let’s look at where we can learn baking and how to build a career in it. You can even join baking classes in Hyderabad and turn your hobby into your career.

Now-a-days, baking is not just a hobby for the youth but a career many people are looking forward to and there are many baking courses available to learn this skill from.

There are many job options available as a baker or we can even start up our own bakery. This gives you the freedom to follow your passion.

Want to fulfil your dream of baking delicacies? Then join our 3 months Baking courses at Hamstech College of Creative Education and learn the art of making mouth-watering cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pies, doughnuts and so much more from our expert faculty!

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