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Love Baking? Make these 4 Types of Pies for Your Family

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Pies are delicious and a favourite among people of all ages. These are soft, moist and scrumptious. A pie is a baked delicacy that is made using a pastry dough and contains a filling of either sweet or savoury ingredients.

Sweet pies can have fruity fillings while savoury ones can be filled with meat, eggs and cheese. Instead of meat you can use vegetables too. This is an amazing dessert or snack option for kids as they are delicious as well as healthy.

Here are four types of pies that you can make for your family:

Custard Pie

Custard pies have an egg-thickened filling that’s a bit firmer than pastry cream. A mixture of eggs, dairy and sugar bakes until set within a single crust. After cooling, the custard becomes creamy, lightly eggy filling that coheres with the crust. It is perfectly baked when the center still wobbles gently. Experts at Baking classes in Hyderabad say that overcooked custard pies can have rubbery, grainy fillings.

Cream Pie

Cream pies are filled with pastry cream. It is a cool, creamy custard that’s cooked completely on the stove and then spread into a fully baked pie crust before going in the refrigerator to chill. These delicious pies are mostly topped with whipped cream. Join a Baking institute in Hyderabad and learn making this from experts.

Chiffon Pie

It is classic and delicious one. Its filling feels much lighter than cream or custard pies. It is almost foamy. The mousse is supported by custard, meringue, or gelatin, or a combination. It features a no-bake filling for the most part and is set in the refrigerator to get a yummy, chilled taste.

Ice Cream Pie

This one is yummy and easy to make. To make this, an ice cream is softened, combined with different mixings and spread into a pre-baked cookie crust for a sundae in sliceable form. Join best Baking classes and learn to make this mouth-watering dessert like a professional.

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