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Lower your Exam Fever and Raise your Creativity

hamstech institute of fashion & interior design

Since the beginning of time, the most alarming word for students has been “EXAMS”. Buried nose deep in their books, students are noticed to be distressed and overburdened with expectations.

As the pressure to acquire good grades keeps rising, and the fear of social stigma tailing them, there is only so much a child can do before breaking down.

Exams have somehow lost their true meaning and motive and are today perceived to be a way to evaluate performance and test knowledge. Ultimately, students now also see exams as a benchmark to achieve their goals.

Say for example, would you be willing to solve tricky math problems or chemistry equations without exams? Maybe not! This is because exams create a certain stress and pressure, pushing you to study and outperform yourself in the subjects you are least interested in.




Speaking of exam fever, students at Hamstech institute of fashion & interior design have a whole different definition of exams. At Hamstech, it is not only scores that decide students’ capabilities but other practical events like fashion shows, workshops and exhibitions that help in personal evaluation.

Students along with studying enjoy participating in other curriculum activities that develops their skills as well as guarantees to widen their scope of opportunities.

With the exam season on the run, many of you would be busy writing exams, while some of you may be off the hook, wondering what next? Don’t stress yourself to pick a main stream career, it’s a brave new world! And a creative one too. Pick a course that suits your profile and enhances your talent.

Don’t let your neighbours make a career choice for you. If you believe art is your calling, pick your tools up and paint your future in bright colours.


Female Fashion Designer


If you are interested in designing and fashion, it is best you join a fashion designing course. This course offers a complete package that would turn you into a professional designer. Career options in this field are vast. You can opt to become a junior fashion designer, freelance designer, fashion stylist, visual merchandiser, etc.



But, if you believe photography will change the word for you, then you must join a photography training institute in your city. There are many career options like starting as a fashion photographer, work for a newspaper or become a photojournalist.


interior designing diploma course


Similarly, if you love designing interiors, an interior designing diploma course can help you fetch your dream job.

Many interior designing institutes equip students with technical and artistic knowledge that eventually makes them industry ready. Jobs like set designer, store window designer, furniture designer, etc., can prove to be very good career options.


jewellery designing


Today, even jewellery designing is a booming career. Give your creativity an edge by enrolling in an institute that promises to turn your career a dazzling one. Many institutes have the option of short term course in jewellery making.

With seriousness and dedication, you could be the next Nirav Modi! Fashion jewellery designer, jewellery consultant, etc. are some of the promising career options to choose from.

So, this is your chance to break free from the stereotype. Relax and re-consider your options. Ask yourself if you are inclined towards a creative field or your interest lies elsewhere. Once you have the answers to your questions, it will get relatively easier to get started.

Choose a career that makes YOU stand out from the rest!

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