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Make Fashion Statements with A Saree!

Make Fashion Statements with A Saree

If we were to say something, we would say that saree is one of the most versatile & elegant Indian garments. There isn’t a single event where saree may be considered an inappropriate choice. Sarees are an amazing & fascinating outfit, but they do have a list of certain do’s and don’ts. These days, sarees are available in so many different prints, patterns, fabrics, embroideries and what not. Moreover, India is a country with rich cultural heritage and a lot of cultural variations. Every state has a signature weave, print, fabric, embroidery, motif of their own! Thus, we have innumerable saree styles to choose from!

All sarees come with their own special properties and nuances that will decide the kind of event that they will be suitable for! A person’s personal style & body-type also affects the look of the saree. When picking a saree for a certain event, there are several things that you might need to consider; like the nature of the occasions, colour code if any, weather conditions and of course your personal comfort. You can’t expect one to handle a dainty organza saree on a terribly windy day. We wouldn’t want an unintentional Marilyn Monroe moment happening, that too in a saree! That’ll be a huge fashion faux-pas & too difficult to handle.

Just wearing a different type of saree won’t do, will it now? This is why we have compiled some of the most wearable saree outfits for every occasion. We have put together some style suggestions with a few extra add on clothes and accessories for all your saree needs!

Wear that Jacket

Now jackets are great! They are a great investment as they last longer and always stay in fashion. So think of a saree with a jacket? Exciting isn’t it! We see a lot of fashion influencers wearing a blazer or a leather jacket over an abstract printed saree and it looks very chic! To work this look, you’ll need a jacket of any kind. A blazer, trench coat, an overcoat, preferably a nude shade like beige, brown, rust orange, red or grey as they will work with most sarees. Drape your saree and wear a jacket that either compliments the outfit or is of a similar hue! Accessorise with pretty rings and a choker, add a pair of heels or even boots for that matter and you’re ready to take on the town!


Fashion Statements with A Saree Wear that Jacket

Tie it Over Dhoti Pants

Saree has evolved over the years, we have reached a point in fashion where there are pre-stitched and pre-draped sarees and all you have to do is just slip inside! One other way to be super comfy in a saree is to wear it over dhoti pants. We have seen celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone & many more wearing pre-stitched dhoti sarees and we can recreate a similar style with a saree and dhoti/Patiala pants. Pick a saree that’s flowy, like a chiffon saree and not stiff, look for fabrics like georgette, crepe, chiffon and drape it over a pair of dhoti pants! Instead of a petticoat, wear a dhoti pant and try half and half draping of a saree over it. You’ll have the comfort of wearing pants while still wearing a saree.


Tie it Over Dhoti Pants

Wear it like a Lehenga

As soon as there is a wedding in the family, we start hunting for lehengas so that you have Instagram-worthy looks. This is how you may end up with a closet full of lehengas and no place to wear them to. What if you could drape a saree like a lehenga? You might need two or more sarees depending on how much flare and pleating you want for your saree-lehenga! Wear a can-can skirt under to get a little extra volume and start making pleats from your saree and tuck them apart to give you the look of a pleated lehenga! Drape the other saree over as usual and opt for different styles of carrying the pallu. The trick here is to pick two sarees that complement each other. The saree you are using for your lehenga pleating should have a crisp fall so that the pleats stay in place!


Wear it like a Lehenga

Pick Dressy Blouses

Blouse styles are really important when you want to wear your saree differently! The same kind of cuts or necklines will not elevate the look in any way. Go all out and bring in the drama. You can overdo the blouse while keeping the saree subtle and dainty. Experiment with sleeves, necklines and silhouettes of the blouse. Also try out different kinds of embroidery with a variety of design placements. Try adding tassels and extra jingles wherever you feel necessary! You could try out sleeves like leg-o-mutton, bishop sleeves, balloon sleeves, fitted full sleeves, apple cut and many more. Don’t hesitate to try something new, try out a variety of styles and see what works best for you.

Here are some of the ways you can style a saree to create different & stylish looks every time. To work on more such creative ways of styling, join Hamstech’s Fashion Styling courses. You’ll get a chance to explore different strategies and methods of styling a single garment to create new looks! Discover your love for dressing up with Fashion Styling courses from Hamstech! Enrol now.

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