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Making Women Fashionable – An Accessory Checklist

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In modern times, just wear nice clothes aren’t enough. When it comes to fashion, you also need to add a bit of attitude, functionality, style and expression to give a personality boost. While getting the look, women are well aware of all these aspects. This is why a huge range of fashionable garments and fashion accessories are readily available in the market. Today’s women have placed their feet on almost all fields. They juggle between work and home. There’s also a dire need for them to handle their social life. It has hence become necessary to design garments and accessories for different occasions for them. Accessory Design colleges now set their curriculum to celebrate women’s fashion extravagantly

Just like garments, fashion accessories are very rich in options. Designers trained at Accessory Designing institutes are bringing greater variety in garments and accessories.

Let’s check out some of the trending accessories that women love.


Hats are fashionable and have great utility. In the west, hats have culturally important even for women. This is not the case in India. But the new generation, with their affinity to western fashion, has taken to styling up with hats.

Denim hats, cotton caps, bucket hats, fiddler caps and even berets are considered fashionable and hip by young Indian women these days.


From classic leather belts to stylish canvas and elastic belts, women love to add them to their attires to fasten their garment. Dress belts, double buckle belts, embellished printed belts, faux leather belts, canvas belts and braided belts are some of the varieties available.

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Sunglasses undoubtedly add a style statement to one’s looks. For women, they come in different shades and varieties. On one hand, they help you show-off a hard-hitting attitude and on the other, they keep the eyes cool. Depending upon the face type and shape, sunglasses are available in oval & square shape, aviators and wayfarers.

Bags & Wallets

Bags and wallets are undeniably on the top of women’s fashionable utility list. They could be clutches, cross-body bags, stoles, fanny packs or tote bags. The range of colours, patterns and materials are so wide, it never fails to impress.

Accessories make women’s fashion complete and amazing. It’s important that you have several of them to have a complete look. If you want to make such amazing accessories by yourself, you can opt for Hamstech’s Accessory Design Course.

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