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Men at Work: 4 Crucial Tips for Designing Men’s Office Wear

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Once again, it’s time men revised how to be fashionable at work. When a man cares to wear more than his smile to impress, he’ll care for style. And style is a basic quality fashion brings forth.

Ideally, in fashion designing courses, there would be research that moves in the direction of watching the new trends and approaches to apparel, including office wear. And since work is where a man builds himself, he would want to stand out in the crowd and yet look the best as himself.

Here are 4 tips from a fashion designing perspective to get that impactful office attire worn right. These can be good pointers for anyone who is undergoing fashion design training.

Switch to Custom Fit

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Custom fit is not a social revolution but a fashion designing revelation. No one size fits two guys anymore. And “fit” is the key. Switching to custom-wear to switch lends comfort and confidence. When a coat matters, be it a cool blazer or a double breasted one, it’s best when it’s made for one’s physical contour.

Custom tailoring works well for shirts and trousers too if you want to have absolutely no hassles in terms of fit while designing men’s office wear.

Wrinkle-Free Shirts

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Refinement is a virtue in the office space and hence wrinkle-free shirts are a must. Be it an ironed one or a wrinkle-free fabric, the key is in looking smooth and refined. Neutral colours are most accepted as they are the coolest and most welcoming. But other colors like blue can be even catchier and still on the cool side.

This is why every fashion designing institute teaches theory of fashion and colour extensively to help you design visually appealing garments. When designing men’s office wear, experimenting with fabric goes a long way.

Going Casual for Business

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And why not? The time has come when work isn’t averse to an air of ease to it, coming from cheer and confidence. In fact, ease has taken priority and playing it cool has become a manner for success in many a workplace. Hence, learning to design semi-formal apparel like linen jackets or casual waist-coats are a part of all fashion designing courses.

Adding an Accessory

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The perfect men’s office attire is more than just what they wear. It’s about how they accessorise too. Be it a watch, a laptop bag, a business card holder or a briefcase, every piece makes an impression. And impressions are fashionable. Men have their own way of accessorising themselves and understanding the practicality of these accessories will enable you to design them better.

Surely, the modern male population of working professionals have their own way of keeping prim in the workplace. But only a true fashion designer can enable them to carry it off.

It’s a matter of starting to win the game ahead of the finale. Fashion in business is evolving and the trends of office fashion also keeps changing. So watch out for the latest craze while designing work wear for men or women.

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