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Men! It’s Time to Upgrade Your Style with Some Accessories

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Your age, lifestyle or profession never restricts you from testing some accessories. Unlike the majority of the population, if you have ever thought of attending accessory designing classes in Hyderabad, your personality is unique. Hence, your style statement must also differ from other average gentlemen. It’s time to shift your thinking beyond dressing for style. This era is all about the right accessories. This growing interest has also encouraged hundreds of candidates to take up the ideal courses of accessory designing in Hyderabad. Well, if you are among them, before you begin, you must know some aspects that are currently most trending in the accessories zone.

White Pocket Square


Pocket squares are a sure way to upgrade your style statement, especially in formal scenarios. However, the white ones are timeless pieces, one can have in their wardrobe. Whether you are wearing a black or a silver suit, a white pocket square perfectly blends with your look.

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Silver Tie Bar


Your outfit is not just a way of covering skin. In fact, it is the art of representation, who you are, what your values are. If you have ever been to any accessory designing schools, you must be familiar with the relevance of male accessories in exuding charm and finalizing business deals. A tie bar is one such accessory to add some class to your personality. Besides, they are cheap.

Jewellery For the Man of His Words


Jewellery for men has seen an increased demand, especially among those of the creative field. The musicians were the first to popularise the concept and today, 1 in every 4 men wears some kind of jewellery. We can say that men are most interested in jewellery by witnessing the growing number of students enrolling in some of the best jewellery designing courses in Hyderabad. By taking diploma in jewellery making, men are not only learning the sense of accessorizing their attire or designing a style element for themselves, but also making their careers in this field of fashion. Among the many ways, two elements have become the most trending yet common.

  • Bracelets for everyone: Bracelets have become a great go-in-hand with watches. Men can wear both watches and bracelets or keep themselves simple by switching to just a bracelet over a watch. Ideally, bracelets suits every attire and every style, without a doubt.

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  • A necklace for the minimalist: Necklaces are beautiful and they are not restricted to female usage now. There are hundreds of different styles available based their length and thickness. It is always best to wear one necklace at a time. Ideally, if you enrol in a short course in jewellery making, you will know the different kinds of necklace you, as a man can choose from or the ways to complement it with your attire.

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