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Most memorable guest lecturers at Hamstech Institute

Hamstech Institute

Creative courses, unlike others, cannot be taught with limitations. The goal of creative courses is to sharpen the skills of the students, provide them with real-time industry experience and to help them achieve their goals. One of the tools used to enhance this process is guest lectures from prominent international and national figures to motivate designers of tomorrow.

For more than two decades, the Hamstech Institute is in the business of making dreams come true for its students. With a dedicated team of faculty and resources backing each student, Hamstech has established its mark in the education sector for being one of the best design schools in the twin city.


fashion designing course


Hamstech Institute has always known the importance of providing quality education which includes exposing students to experiences of successful members of the industry. Some of them are also mentoring the students year after year. To name a few Mrs Neeta Lulla for fashion designing, Mrs Shabnam Gupta for interior designing courses and Mr Avinash Gowariker for photography.

Apart from the regular lectures from these mentors, Hamstech institute regularly invites internationally acclaimed personalities.  Let me share with you some of the most memorable guest lecturers at Hamstech Institute


fashion designing


Bernie Xu is a very prominent fashion designer from Singapore. He acquired a diploma in Fashion study from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in 1999 and started working as production executive for Urban and Co. While working he decided to go back to school and study Fashion/Apparel Design in 2003 from Northumbria University, UK.

A Career spanning for more than a decade now, Mr Bernie Xu is a storehouse of knowledge and experience. So you can imagine how creative and informative his guest lecture was for students of fashion designing colleges. He conducted a seminar in Hamstech Institute on fabric manipulation and draping. Along with the seminar, Mr. Xu also indulged in sharing his personal experiences, guiding and motivating students to dive in their own journey to success.


jewellery design course


Another celebrated name in the industry is Suhani Pittie. One of the most innovative and ingenious designers of the country. She is a graduate from Gemology Institute of America, USA. She was also the first Indian designer to showcase her collection at Miami Fashion Week. With a lot of awards under her belt, she is considered one of top 10 jewellery designers in the world.

When she was invited to give a lecture to Hamstech’s students of jewellery design course, everybody wanted an opportunity to meet her and share her insight. The guest lecture was a huge success. The students were abuzz with motivation. To hear first-hand about the industry and their experiences from someone so successful is very inspiring.


interior design courses


But that’s not all, another memorable lecture was from Mrs Sona Chatwani. She is a well established interior designer who focuses on residential and commercial properties. She launched her designer firm” Sona Chatwnai- interior designer” in 2000 and has received a tremendous appraisal for her innovation and creative design solutions.

Students of interior design courses were full of enthusiasm at her lecture. She talked about real time situations and how to handle them, but most importantly she motivated students to be true to their designs and at the same time keep in mind the customer’s ideas and create stunning interiors.


Photography classes in Hyderabad


Last but not the least, one of our favourite photography guest lectures. A landscape and portrait photographer, Ms Sapana Reddy is a master at balancing two fields. While she enjoys photographing stunning locations around her, she also loves her passion for medicine. She’s a part- time photographer and part-time radiologist.

She says being a professional photographer triggered her desire to teach. Her guest lecture was a testimony to her skill as one of the best in the fields of medicine and photography. Photography classes in Hyderabad being a new frontier benefits from lecturers and guidance from successful people like her.

In other words, basic education is not as beneficial as the one combined with guest lectures from successful entrepreneurs. When you are part a Hamstech Institute, the exposure you will receive from these lecturers has no comparison.

So, be a part of one of the best educational institutions and embrace your successful destinies.


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