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Most Memorable Site Visits of Hamstech Institute

Educational site visits are one of the most powerful learning tools. Such exposures enable students to develop professional and interpersonal skills. Learning in a new environment adds value to the academic education of a student.

Among the many educational institutes today in India, the Hamstech Institute of creative education has embedded new teaching-learning methodologies into the curriculum. Site visits are a great opportunity to develop sensory learning. It is through such hands-on training that students get visual exposure which enriches their learning experience.

At Hamstech Institute, creative courses such as Fashion, Interior, Jewellery and Photography provide individual learning outcomes through seminars, guest lectures and site visit. Here are some of the most memorable site visits organized by Hamstech for its students.


Fashion Design- A visit to Pochampally Handlooms


fashion designing course


Every year, a batch of Fashion Design students visit Pochampally Handlooms. The Pochampally Handlooms is a weavers’ co-operative society that operates at a state level. Weaving is a major source of livelihood for rural artisans.

The weaves make products such as Pochampally dress material, sarees, bed sheets, etc. and sell it all over the country. Pochampally products are in huge demand, therefore retaining the traditional designs and colours, the skilled weavers create many modern products.

In fashion designing course, students learn in-depth about different textiles. Therefore, a site visit to the Pochampally Handlooms offers practical exposure to students so they understand the various types of weaves, looms and patterns. Hence, the student-weaver interaction will help them implement their learning knowledge.


Interior DesignAn Archaeological Trip to Humpi


Interior designing


Humpi, a small village in the state of Karnataka is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old city is known for its ruins and beautifully sculpted temples.

Interior designing students from Hamstech were taken on an archaeological trip to Humpi. Here the students were exposed to the ancient architecture, structures and designs. This effective site visit helped students develop their understanding of the unique architectural and designing techniques.

The learning experience opened a whole new gamut of ideas and concepts that students could implement in interior designing.


Jewellery Design- An excursion to Chowmahalla Palace


jewellery design course


The Chowmahalla Palace is a unique monument in Hyderabad. The palace which is more than 200 years old is renowned for its breath-taking architecture.

Hamstech regularly plans a site visit to the Chowmahalla Palace exclusively for its jewellery design students. The objective of the visit was to take inspiration from its architecture and design unique jewellery.

Jewellery illustration is one of the topics taught in jewellery design course. Students learn how to use different shapes and merge them together to form designs. As every wall of the palace is carved with splendorous designs, students take them as inspiration and illustrate.

Indian jewellery has always been inspired by nature and monuments. Today, modern jewellery takes its inspiration from ancient monuments. The designs that we see on neckpieces, bangles, earrings, etc. are all examples of work-of-art from the past. Therefore, such site visits are a great learning experience to aspiring designers.


Photography- A Photographic Experience to Gokarna


photography classes


Gokarna is a tourist destination in the state of Karnataka. The place is surrounded by beautiful temples and pristine beaches. For all those who love nature photography, visiting a place that is known for its natural beauty is a great place to begin photography.

Hamstech’s photography students get such opportunity on a five-day trip to Gokarna. The picturesque place helps students develop individual perspective towards nature photography. In many , perspective study trains students to learn different shooting angles.

Such site visits train students in understanding the perspective of natural light, how to focus on objects, etc. Students also learn new styles and techniques of using their lens. Outdoor photography also teaches students to deal with technical glitches.

Hence, site visits organized by educational institutes like Hamstech encourages students to develop individual skills. This also is a great learning experience as students are exposed to hands-on knowledge which they can implement in their day-to-day life.

So be it any field, learning outside the classroom has always been a rewarding experience. It enhances team work, builds communication and most of all lead to emotional development.


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