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Photo Illustration: The Art Of Adding Animation To Photographs

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What do you think about merging your talents in photography to create interesting and innovative works of pictorial art? This is what you achieve with Photo Illustration.

With graphic design courses, like the ones offered by Hamstech, you gain a taste of the art of Photo Illustration, also called Photo Painting. This creative graphic art has the potential to create some cool and artistic images that are highly expressive.

The process starts with taking a photograph, the best that you can click after attending the best photography training classes. A digital photo will thus become the canvas for your extended creativity whereby you shall paint or draw on it by hand with the help of an image editor!

If you learn graphic design well, you will realise that in a photo illustration, the manipulation is done without ruining the quality and content of the photo. Just enough additional artwork will constitute the sum of your efforts.

So, why photo painting after all? Well, the reason is that there are animated aspects that you wish an image had. Imagine drawing cartoonish goggles on a pet or sketching a crown, wings or fancy badges on a portrait! When imagination travels to places, it’s time to enhance the images with some fantasy!

The art of painting on photos can get quite expressive too! In fact, you seek creative ways of putting ideas and emotions out! With practices like photo painting, you can be confident that art does find a way.

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