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This is the story of a story through the lens of my DSLR. It wasn’t long ago when the small matchbox phones that came in funky colors were very popular. But look at us now, we all are equipped with the latest smartphones that not only provide us the best means of communication but also the finest quality of photographs.

But the latest smartphone or an expensive DSLR camera does not guarantees award winning photographs. If you really want to learn the tricks of the trade and be a cutting-edge photographer, then you must enrol in a professional photography course from one of the best institutes that provide education as well as practical application of that knowledge.

I was quite proud of my amateurish work, then another photographer friend told me about his experience at one of the best photography institute in Hyderabad. On a whim I joined and telling stories through pictures is one of the things I learned from the photography training course.

So how do you tell a story with your photographs? Just put your smartphone aside and make a note of some of the tips I learned at the best photography school.


From Beginning to the end.


best photography institute in Hyderabad


As the great storytellers of our time we have the responsibility to tell as it happened, from beginning to the end. If you are going on a road trip, take snapshot of people packing, getting the cars ready. Don’t just take pictures when on the road. Let the story unfold step by step.


Different Locations different angles.


photography training course


You might have to run around to capture the same shot from many angles. You’ll be surprised to know that the angle you thought wasn’t important tells the story better than your prime angle. One the best photography classes help you try this out.


Mystery is in the Details


photography school


Think about all the little details that can possibly be used to tell a brilliant story. For example, at an exhibition take pictures of the products, customers haggling with vendors. Later when you put them together, it will be one very colorful and powerful story.


Set a Limit.


photography classes


As a photographer it’s so easy to get carried away. But your viewers won’t have the time or patience to see all your pictures. Sometimes all you need are 5 great pictures to tell a story. Be critical of your work and learn to limit your story to a smaller number.


The essential basics.


professional training institutes


Don’t forget about photography composition and natural lighting when you are telling your story. The pictures are so much more appealing when these are taken care of. If you are a beginner, these are taught extensively at professional training institutes.

These are just a few tips to get your going don’t forget a formal education will teach you a lot more than just camera angles, lighting and composition. Your journey as a photographer will full of fun learning through a professional education.



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