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Photography Classes: Things to Learn from your Photography Portfolio

photography classes

A portfolio is a student’s best work put together. Taking a glance at a portfolio can give an idea of what a student has learnt. However, a portfolio is also a learning phase where there’s room for improvement and growth.

Every subject requires you to work on a portfolio and photography is no exception. If you ever plan to pursue a photography course, working on a portfolio is the most important thing taught to every student.

Here are few things that you can learn from your own portfolio and get better at work.

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  1. Learn to take Criticism

Constructive criticism is always welcome. Initially you may feel a bit let down wondering if your project is heading in the right direction. But yes, this is how you learn from your mistakes. These criticisms leave you with immense scope of improvement.

In photography classes, a constructive criticism from a faculty or a mentor will help you see what you’ve actually missed.

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  1. Being Specific is Important

If you have realized your potential in a particular genre, then work towards it. If you are not confident about a certain image, let it go. It’s not worth adding an image that doesn’t fit in.

  1. Retain your Originality

There’s a lot that you can learn from experts. For example, in many photography training institutes, students get an opportunity to interact with renowned photographers. This interaction inspires students to recreate work of renowned personalities. Every photographer has his/her individuality which makes them unique. Retaining one’s identity in any profession is important. So, identify your talent and strength so you can work towards it.

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  1. The Viewers Perspective

Photography is a creative career. When clicking an image, your thought process would have been on a different level. Viewers would see the image from a different perspective, therefore, you need to think and seen like them. That’s when you’ll be able to justify your work.

Once you pay keen attention to your portfolio and understand it well, photography becomes an interesting subject. The above points would certainly help add flair to your photography.

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