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Photography Edits: Amazing Photoshop Effects

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Digital image editing not only makes pictures look refined, but also emotional, meaningful and spectacular! The power of image editing was unleashed by Photoshop in 1988 and has ever since ruled the realm of the discipline of image editing.

Adobe Photoshop revolutionised image editing by enabling enthusiasts and professionals to use it in innovative ways. As synonymous “Photoshopping” is to image editing today, creativity in photography has also ascribed largely to Photoshop.

For students in photography courses, Photoshop is a tool that enhances his/her skilful clicks and creative perception.

Photoshop helps you do things that are impossible in real time. That includes restoring an old photograph, making a creative collage or making a snap look like a painting? Photoshop effects can do scores of things that only suited imagination two decades ago.

Have you started to explore Photoshop in photography classes? Your photography training institute must be prompting you to use Photoshop to your greatest benefit. If you are not there yet, you can peek into a few amazing photoshop effects right now.


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The Bokeh Effect


In Bokeh, you set the out-of-focus areas of a photograph blurred so that the main subject can be given prominence and set to a sharper view. Basically the way to go for this effect in Photoshop is to apply the blur effect in the desired style and measure to the selected areas in the picture leaving the areas needing clarity to be left unchanged.

Bokeh selectively projects elements prominently in an image, creating a unique and wonderful effect.


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Blanket Fade


With Blanket fade, the more distant part of the composition extending to the background is faded so that the clarity progressively appears to the subject and surroundings towards the foreground. The effect is very commonly used in child photography, where the baby and say the bed or floor details towards the front are highlighted by fading the elements behind the baby. The effect also sets a soft tone attributable to a baby.


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Dispersion Effect


Dispersion effect gives action images a whole new dimension and intensity. True to the name, it helps you to introduce a scattering effect that intensifies the action or emotion in the picture. Watch the picture of bats merging into Dracula in the movie poster of “Dracula Untold”. The dispersion effect results in something similar. You can bring in many scattering effects including smoke, shatter and puzzle blocks.


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Popout Effect


Popout is a cool effect that creates an illusion of a subject in the photograph literally popping out of the frame. The simplest way to tell how this effect comes to life goes like this.

In an image, select a rectangular area around the main subject you want to pop out. Give a white border to this selected area like a printed photo. Delete the content in the remaining area excluding the main subject. The result will appear like the subject is popping out of a photographic frame.

In a photography school, you’ll learn a few methods of bringing different effects with Photoshop. But if you continue exploring, you’ll find many different ways of achieving a desired effect.

In the true spirit of learning photography, one must sharpen his/her skills in digital image editing to derive as amazing a result as in clicking the original photo itself.

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