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Photography Explore: Look What We Found Looking for the Best!

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Tribute to renowned photographers can be found in documentary films that show their talent, ideology, methods and works. These movies contain a treasure of information and inspiration that sets the enthusiasts and students of photography on a path of motivated self-exploration.

We found some gems of such works during our search, looking for some good documentaries on photography and photographers! A list formed that will benefit students doing photography courses, with titles that we just can’t resist sharing with you all! The films feature photographers who worked in different domains, capturing life on film in its different facets. Their works indeed make good references for photography training courses.

With high educational value, greatly thought-provoking and distinctly biographic, these documentaries are “must see” works for students learning at any photography training institute.

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Finding Vivian Maier

The documentary chronicles the treasure of photographic work of an extremely reserved American nanny named Vivian Maier. A chance discovery of her hidden talent in her works, stacked up in private storage, revealed thousands of negatives of street photographs and films of home-made documentaries she had taken in a span of five decades. Her well catalogued photographic archive verily rewrote the history of street photography. It gave invaluable perspective on the urban America in the second half of the 20th century.

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Richard Avedon: Darkness and Light

Richard Avedon is an acclaimed photographer famous for his signature portrait pictures of everybody from labourers to celebrities. His perspective about photography featured dominant say of the subject of the shoot and spontaneous expressions and movements. His work in fashion photography has also been monumental. He believed in the power of faces and mastered the art of combining formal frames with uninhibited natural imagery.

The documentary explores in non-linear fashion the life and work of the great photographer. It delves deep into exploring his famed insight and mastery of a craft that portrayed beyond what is apparent.

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David Yarrow Reveals his Photography Secrets

Undoubtedly, David Yarrow has masterfully captured enviable portraits of wildlife, landscape and indigenous tribes on film. Besides being a fine art photographer, he is also a financier, conservationist and an author.

Through the documentary, produced in two parts, he shares his experiences, insights and methods to the magic of creating stupendous works of photographic narrations. It’s a must-see for any student or enthusiast of photography.

Learning photography with such splendid biographies about gifted photographers to look back at is a blessing of sorts. It increases the value of the knowledge and ideas developed by a budding photographer who has the calibre to script his/her own legacy in photography someday.

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