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Photography Guide: Best Locations in India to Click

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Touring with a camera is a passion for many, and as photographers, they’ll find no better destination than India. There’s a lot to see for everyone and even more for photographers. A travel plan to soak up the visuals of India is like a journey to eternity. But we have a few locations that are famed already for their uniquely photogenic features.

As a student doing photography training courses, studying India as a destination for photography will introduce you to inimitably wonderful locations. Turning your lens to these places fills your frames with visuals the world craves to feast their eyes with. Once you learn the techniques of photography at a photography training institute, you should explore India and find its wealth of scenery, be it nature, heritages, monuments, festivals, people, fabrics, paintings, dances or the streets.

Here are a few locations in India that are best for photographers to visit and click. Utilise these suggestions to plan a study trip from your photography school.

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Culture is high and vibrant in this holy city. The vibrancy of colours define the place and make it a haven for photographers to flock in at. The ghats along the holy river Ganga has the presence of all kinds of people including sadhus, priests, people doing rituals and those lost in the spiritual ambience of the place.

Best sights to capture here are the Ganga aarti, temples, ghats with rituals and sages including the Aghoris and Naga saints.

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Spiti Valley

Valleys of peace, hills of tranquil and a heavenly place hidden from the bustling world is what Spiti is. It is situated in the remote areas of Himachal Pradesh, where centuries old monasteries and peaceful hillocks and mountains set the perfect panorama for a photographer to capture. The major attractions for a shutter-bug here are mountain roads, monasteries, villages, the tranquil people and wildlife including snow leopards and wolves.

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Another hill bound, monastery laden location, situated at the peaks of nature in the extreme north of India, Ladakah amazes with its heavenly sights. The landscape varies from steep rocky areas to sandy valleys and pristine blue lakes. Here, Buddhist monasteries are aplenty that hang on to steep rock-faces. The Panong lake, Nubra and Zanskar valleys are major landscapes to click.

The Buddhist monks, natural wonders, mountains touching the clouds, Tibetan festivals, snow leopards and red foxes are other major subjects to shoot.

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If the bustle of a vibrant city is what you wish to capture in your frames, look no further than Kolkata. With scores of places to visit, watch and click, the city offers a visual feast particularly for street photographers. With a range of sights from tea sellers, rickshaw pullers and markets to grand festivals like Durga Puja, Kolkata is a city a photographer cannot afford to miss.

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The beautiful backwaters flowing through the naturally gifted land of Kerala is one of the remarkable sights for nature photographers to feast their lens with. The iconic palm groves, boats and houseboats, local festivities, scenes of indigenous culture, beaches and monuments of various religions are the kind not to be seen anywhere else in the world. Highly recommended locations in Kerala for photographers are Alleppey (backwaters), Kochi (beach, churches), Athirapally (waterfalls), Kovalam (beach) and Munnar (hill station).

Now that you know, explore these locations with gusto and click some of the best photos you can treasure for a lifetime.

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