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Photography Guide: Common Terms Every Beginner Must Know

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For a beginner, learning a creative subject may seem challenging initially. However, when a student becomes familiar with the common terms or jargons, it becomes very simple.

Among the many creative courses offered these days, photography is the most sought after. When pursuing a photography course, students are trained on every aspect of photography including terminologies. With the regular usage of these terminologies, a student’s subject knowledge and skills can improve.

Following are few common terms used in photography that every beginner must know.

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One of the most common terms used in photography. Aperture is an opening of the lens.  It is measured in f-stops for example, f/1.8 is considered as a wide opening of the lens and f/22 is a narrow opening.

In photography classes, practical training exposes students to intricate technicalities of a camera. This helps them with better understanding.

Continuous Autofocus

The focus will continue on the subjects until the image is clicked. The autofocus will lay its focus even if the subject is moving. This setting is important when photographing an object which is in motion.

In a photography institute, the usage of such jargons is very common. Students often learn these in their classes or pick up words spoken from faculties.

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Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio can be defined as the ratio of the height to width. The aspect ratio of an image can be changed once you define the height and width.

In India, there are very few photography training institutes that focus on theoretical and practical knowledge. With the right balance of theory and practical lessons, students can develop their skills.

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This is an effect created when lights are out of focus. Bokeh is a beautiful background effect chosen for most photos. This effect is created with a wide aperture.

Burst Mode

The burst mode can be defined when images have to be shot continuously. The burst mode has to be turned on and this will switch the camera into the clicking mode till the buffer is full. The speed may also differ based on the camera model.

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Depth of Field

This refers to the image in focus. When the camera focuses on an image, there’s a certain range in front and back that’s sharp. This is known as depth of field. For example, a portrait will be sharp compared to its background, similarly, a landscape will have large focus on the image.

Flash Sync

A flash sync can be defined as a burst of light. When an image is clicked, it flashes right at the beginning. However, after adjustment, the flash mode flashes at the end of the image which is then known as the rear curtain flash mode.

Apart from the above list of jargons, some of the most common ones are- histogram, hot shoe, ISO, long exposure, manual and metering.

All the above are words often used in photography. Once you understand the subject, you eventually begin to use these terminologies.

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