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Photography Guide – Creating Powerful Photographs with Colours

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We are surrounded by colours. Each colour in nature has its own value and beauty. When these colours are captured through a camera, they can be composed to bring out the best in an image.

Colours are a significant part of composition. Composing an image or adding special effects to it is a part of photography that is taught in photography classes. However, photography is a subject that needs to be explored thoroughly to get better in.

Here’s a guide on how to create powerful photographs using colours.


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  1. Use bold colours.


Bold colours are impactful and therefore a moderate use can add value to your image. Too much use of bold colours can bring down the effect in an image. Settle for just few blocks of bold colours in your composition.


  1. Use subtle colours.


A colour photograph need not have just strong colours. Use of subtle colours can also bring an amazing look to your photograph. For example, taking a picture on a cloudy day can actually unfold subtle colours. It has mainly to do with the soft light which makes it perfect for portraitures.

Photography is certainly a skill but understanding the technical aspects can add immense value to your photograph. Today, there are many photography courses that train students on the expert use of colours in photography.


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  1. Pick one colour against a neutral background.


The subject and the background can play a major role in photography. If the subject is dark, then make sure to click it against a neutral background. This would actually emphasise the subject and the background.

Those of you who are interested in learning about colour composition in photography could join a photography training institute. Site visits and excursions practically help in developing understanding and individual skills in the selection and use of colours.


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  1. Use one dominating colour


In photography, always allow at least one colour to dominate. This adds a unique effect to the image and makes the colour the main subject. One could use primary colours such as red, yellow or blue as the dominating colour.


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  1. Attain colour balance.


A sensible use of colours in photography brings about coherence in an image. The colour wheel can be your best guide when it comes to using colours. Colours close to each other on the colour wheel can bring the best colour effect. If an image has colours such as blue, green and purple, you can surely get a calm feeling.

Playing with contrast can also work wonders in photography. The presence of colours that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel adds vibrancy.


  1. Connect colours and emotion.


‘A photograph speaks a thousand words’. This means that every colour in an image conveys emotions and a story. For example, blue is a cool colour and creates a calm feeling, while on the other hand, red is a warm colour which denotes anger or aggression. So when these colours are captured in photographs, they can be smartly used to convey a lot of meaning.

The above guide can surely help you capture some impactful shots. Use the knowledge to your greatest advantage!


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