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Photography Guide for Shooting Great Candid Photos

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Candid is the closest to life category of photography that’s about unprepared and original expressions and actions caught on a frame. Candid photography is so spontaneous that it takes the constant presence of the photographer to get excellent results.

Candid photography is often rapid in execution. The photographer or the subject rarely gets a chance to prepare for the moment. When captured at the nick of time, it actually gets the most honest portrayals.

An exercise in candid photography is one of the best sessions in photography classes at a photography institute. The beauty of it is that there are plenty of occasions around to capture. But the biggest challenge is to capture a candid photo with high quality and perfection. Students of photography courses will need to develop the speed and agility with choosing the apt settings on the camera. The drill is an integral part of photography training courses.

For good guidance in shooting great candid photos, one way is to study the works of famous street photographers. For a jump start, consider the few guidelines that are listed below.


Have a Perfect Involvement


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The secret to great candid photos lies in the photographer’s ability to blend well into the background as he/she is taken for granted by the people around. When the photographer goes with the occasion, gets along with the people and stays a step away from their personal space, he/she is accepted sooner and is not barred from shooting them anytime.


Wait for the Moment


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Patience is a knack and virtue to acquire for good candid shots. In every situation, there is a certain build up towards a desired expression or behaviour from the subject of the shoot. For example, a casual chit-chat among friends often goes into a big laughter at some point of time. If that is the expression the photographer wants to capture, he/she has to observe, wait and be ready to click at the right moment.

Sharpening observation, developing patience and practicing focus are essentials for a learner who attends a photography school or learns by oneself.


Capturing Action


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Of all the things a candid photograph can contain, the best and most memorable ones have action in it. When people watch the photos again someday, they’ll have a story to remember that is related to what people are doing in the picture.

When the photo has people doing something in it, and the activity has an emotional portrayal or thematic relevance, they become invaluable. Since candid photography is all about unplanned shots, compared to stills,  activity has a better suitability for the genre. Even better would it be if there’s interaction between people.


Avoiding the Flash


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There are better options to capture pictures in low light than using a flash. In professional photography, the flash is very selectively and rarely used. Setting a higher ISO and choosing a larger aperture are better alternatives for compensating for low light.

In candid photography, the shots are taken without the subject’s awareness. Using flash will make the people conscious and may also induce some hostility. Hence, in candid photography, no flash is the best way to go.


Positioning Well


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The photographer’s position in the shoot with relation to the subject’s placement is important. Unexpected angles are one way to create intrigue in the picture. The photographer should plan where to position himself/herself for the shoot, considering which angle will cover the subject best and derive great perspective.

Photographers today are using candid photography in occasions like weddings. Posed, unnatural pictures are getting outdated when genuine expressions and original themes are increasingly in vogue. A photography training institute like Hamstech gives expert training in candid photography through its expert faculties and industry professionals. Mentors add to the effectiveness of professional guidance that gives impetus to the students’ dream of becoming successful professional photographers in the future.

To learn to capture life’s moments in all freshness is a beautiful thing to do for a photographer. Candid photography is that category of photography that involves and tests a photographer for his calibre the most in doing so.

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