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Photography Guide: How to See the Image Before It’s Clicked

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Pre-visualization is basically a process of unlocking your mind’s vision. A photographer’s mind must be creative to the extent of predicting the result before shooting the scene. When you look at a scene, a rough sketch of how to capture it onto frame is formed in the mind. With that in mind, you can visualize how to set yourself or the scene to get the best out of the image.

Pre-visualization works only when you are aware of your surroundings. Elements such as light, background, foreground, composition and harmony lie at the foundation of visualization. When all these are combined, you get what is expected from the shot. This is very well understood by professional photographers who get to study this in photography classes.

Here are few pre-visualization guidelines to help you get the perfect shot.

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Quality of light plays a significant role in photography. Controlling the amount of light falling on the frame can be a little tricky. Hence, you need to visualize to know whether or not your subject needs that much of light. The direction of light and its quality (soft or bright) must be enough to enhance the subject.


The background can include just about anything. Before you get started with shooting, you need to first check for elements that may pose a distraction. Elements such as bright light, shapes, shadows etc. can create disturbance. Therefore, if you think this may pose a problem, it’s best to move the subject and read just the background.

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Foreground can include objects that appear before the subject. It could be grass, trees, rocks, etc. which can be used to create a frame. If you stoop to the ground level, you can blur the foreground to create unique effects.

Students who pass out from a photography training institute know these rules like the back of their hand. They learn so much more in this regard and are able to implement it as well.

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In photography, you need to have a keen eye for detail. As a photographer, you need to look around for an interesting perspective that can add an element of interest.

If you want to apply Rule of Thirds instead of Golden Triangle, then you need to look for elements that smoothly sync.


Achieving harmony is one of the most challenging tasks in photography. This is one aspect which is often overlooked. If you want the subject to standout, you need to pre-visualize it first. Make sure there are no elements in the background that overpower the subject or clash with it. Keep the background colours subtle so the subject is in harmony with its surroundings.

Gaining in-depth knowledge of photography is not an overnight thing. One must pursue a photography course to become a full-fledged professional.

Having understood the concept of pre-visualization, here is how you can categorize it into two types: practical and creative visualization.

Practical Visualization

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It is all about the difference between the vision of the camera and the human eye. If the camera takes away the conscious attention, it can be a major barrier. In photography, one has to know the camera in and out in order to get the desired results. This training is possible only at a photography school.

Learning from a renowned photography training institute can yield good results. It is also the best way to widen your vision.


Dry-shoot is a visual technique which when constantly used, sharpens your skills. Focus, exposure, visualization, etc. are all part of the dry-shoot process.

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Observation is the key to good photography. Every photograph greatly depends on keen observations. These days’ modern cameras have literally made us to overlook the ability to visualize. However, a photographer must always be aware of his surroundings as this gives him the advantage to block what’s not required.

Creative Visualization

Being able to creatively visualize is not only a talent but also comes with experience. Before you lay everything for a picture, you need to creatively visualize by putting all the elements in mind. With this you’ll be able to add or subtract of what’s actually required.

With the above guidelines, you can surely get started with your clicking adventure. Pre-visualization is an essential and powerful skill in photography. Develop it making the best use of your mind’s creativity.

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