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Photography Guide: Offbeat Lessons for Photographers

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If photography intrigues you and takes you places, there’ll be a lot of experiences you’ll come across that you will learn from. For passionate photographers, every shoot is a venture into a new experience that forms another stepping stone for their ascension to becoming professionally adept and exceptional.

If you are a beginner or an amateur in photography and is exploring the craft at a photography training institute, it is natural for you to seek inspiration and guidance from experts. They can guide you in two ways: the formal discourse in making you technically perfect and in an informal manner wherein they give some gems of advice to do good work in photography.


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Though personal interactions can give you titbits of wisdom, It is while learning in a photography school that you are delivered a complete picture. Added to such training, your affinity to other photographers and a lot of research into renowned photographers and their works will serve you with a lot of knowledge.

Your expert faculty at an institute often give out their views and hints to their methods for an enthusiastic photographer to grasp and experiment. When you are enrolled in photography training courses, where you will also learn by yourself, the knowledge from sources beyond the curriculum also needs to be paid attention to. They must be taken into consideration for the depth of meaning it has, backed by the experience it carries.

Here are few pieces of advice from experienced professional photographers that we have compiled for you:



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Learn the Light

If you are keen to learn photography, the first thing you need to learn thoroughly about is light. It is absolutely essential to know the light so that the pictures have minimal need for post-shoot corrections. Moreover, knowing and setting light for the mood of the photograph makes it a very emotional indulgence which is an element of quality for a picture.

Value the Emotion

It is very necessary to focus on the image and the emotion involved in it. Technical jugglery and digital trickery come far down the list of essentials when it comes to clicking photos with engaging content.

Do it best in the first shot

It’s always best to capture the shot in the ideal composition right at the spot than taking it for retouching and correction on image editors later. True skill is in getting it nearly perfect with the original shot.

Give a Great Background

While a composition is considered, the background is crucial as it tells a lot about the subject.


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Shoot in Natural Light

Natural lighting works best for photographs. So unless it is a planned studio shoot, it’s best to get up early in the morning to catch the perfect lighting for great photography.

Click Portraits Comfortably

While doing portrait photography, keep the person before you comfortable and at ease. A healthy conversation can bring out very genuine expressions.


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Choose a Favourite Subject to Shoot

To learn photography, the practical rule is to shoot lots of images in your favourite subject. Learning the textbooks can follow this, as in photography, practice is more important than theory.

Be Prepared for a Shoot

Another important guideline to follow is to be prepared with a camera at all times and have enough storage devices like memory cards and hard disks handy. It is also recommended to backup every significant work.

With these suggested tips, that originates from sheer experience of professionals, you can do commendable work yourself. So now take your camera and enjoy clicking!


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