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Photography lessons: Mood Photography

Photography courses in India

Do you realise that photography is all about capturing the mood of the subject at the point of time when it is clicked? Yes! If you can understand the term ‘Mood Photography’, you will know how to interpret an emotion in a photograph.

Photography courses in India are equipped with good content like lighting, exposure, aperture, etc for a better perception about mood photography. You will learn more about this subject as you go through our blog.


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Lighting is a very important aspect for capturing a perfect mood photograph, as lighting at different hours of a day elevate different kinds of mood.

The hour just after sunrise or just before sunset is called the ‘Golden Hour’ where the sun rays falling on any surface has a beautiful glow giving an ethereal-dreamlike effect.

A photography course will surely help you understand the essence of Mood Photography in a better way.


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Look for the weather:


Weather plays a role in making the mood. It could be a misty morning or a cloudy evening. You have to invest a little patience and effort in capturing.


Get the right gear:


When you are out for a photo to capture a movement or create a motion. If you are working on low light conditions or using a long exposure, a tripod is always a good pick. A graduated neutral density filter will help you gain the best. A remote click or a timer can remove that pinch of movement in the camera while manually clicking.


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Shadows convey a depth of an emotion. Especially a hint of mystery and drama to the picture pushing the viewer to explore the story behind.

A classroom set up in photography classes itself will help you understand setting a mood for a photograph.


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Wide Aperture, Colour Temperature and Low Light:


To create a mood for the picture, you need to go with a wide aperture. The background remains out of focus while the subject is sharply focused. A low light condition adds intensity to the picture making it moody. Prefer high ISOs and do not worry about the noise that it brings.

Colour temperature – adjust the colour temperatures in the post processing of a picture by shooting it in RAW. Producing an image in RAW file can give you two extremes of a mood in the same picture using warm and cool color temperature. You can see the difference in the pictures below.

A well-equipped photography training course will definitely cover all the topics related to
setting a mood in a picture.


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Black & White:


Black and white photography is one of the best ways to evocate the picture and give a nostalgic feeling. You can either use the black & white mode in the camera or edit it in the post processing stage.

This is just a little about Mood Photography. Don’t feel disappointed if you have not attained the perfect mood in your picture after a heck of hard work. Sometimes all it takes is a lot of patience and a bit of a tactic.


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