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Photography News: Avinash’s Clicks from Bollywood

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Portrait photography is always a tough task when the faces are not famous. Clicking portrait of a celebrity is even more challenging. It is because a portrait captures their personality in the picture and is concerned with their image in the public. Avinash Gowariker is a photographer par excellence and is just the right man who goes easy with the challenge.

Bollywood has so much to say about the clicks of Avinash Gowariker and how well it influenced them to build an image. Assisting such a great photographer would be a dream job for an aspiring photographer. Taking photography classes from this extraordinary photographer also gives a scope to learn a lot about photography.

Publicity in a good way is essential for a celebrity to keep their image afresh. Avinash proved to be the best in this job.


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Avinash Gowariker is the most celebrated photographer for Bollywood because of the distinguished contributions he made through his photographs. There is some good advice from Avinash to photographers who wish to work with celebrities. It will add value to the knowledge of a photographer who is already attending a photography training courses.

There are a number of photography hacks on being a good celebrity photographer. To land those big-names in a way they want is a whole new thing. Avinash has been doing this since many years and emerged as a stalwart in this job. With a colossal experience from the age of nineteen when his father gifted him his first camera, Avinash started his lifelong journey with his craft.


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In all the photographs Avinash enjoys creating a lot of drama using the elements like the celebrities themselves, their gestures, movements and clothes. The result would be the enormous amount of appreciation and applause from the celebrities he has worked with.

As a set up that sells a particular movie or a celebrity for a particular event, Avinash carefully arranges the above elements to make the picture speak for itself. All his photographs are so dramatic that they instantly mesmerize the viewer.

Avinash expresses his gratitude to few of his Bollywood gurus who have helped him to make a mark in Bollywood with his unschooled photography skill. Some or the other day if he wishes to start a photography school the products of his school will be as successful as him.


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His self-contained universe which consists of his impedimenta for a photoshoot Avinash is a scientist who constantly experiments on his subjects (Celebrities in this context). All the elements come one by one as a strategy to give that astonishing photograph.

Avinash Gowariker worked with an array of Bollywood celebrities ranging from Amitabh Bachchan to Arjun Kapoor and Hema Malini to Sonakshi Sinha. He considers himself fortunate for being able to call most of the celebrities he worked with as friends. It is purely his working style that is based on giving them a comfortable work atmosphere.


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Avinash also mentors photography students of Hamstech Institute. It gives him immense pleasure answering the questions of students.

“The difference between celebrity photography and fashion photography is the popularity of the face and a tad bit of creativity that adds to the latter”, says Avinash.

He also mentions about the privilege the students of Hamstech get in gaining a hands on experience that is rarely found in any other photography courses in Hyderabad

In an interview where he was featured as a ‘Photographer of the month’ Avinash expressed his endless love for technology and gadgets. He says that technology is a biggest breakthrough in photography. It plainly turned everything around. “I am an absolute Tech Freak; I am one of the Photographers who embrace technology very easily and I just love technology”, expressed Avinash.


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This must not change one’s perspective that technology will be a good back up if the photograph did not come out well. The statement of Avinash aimed to tell that Technology helps in the post production process without distorting the actuality of the photograph.

Trends to surface a photography scene in the future, indispensable equipment for photography and the list goes Avinash Gowariker is the topic to talk about.

Photography is all about experience and practice, a mix of both will make one better by every click.

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