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Photography Study: How to Rate a Wedding Photo

How does a wedding photographer enjoy the occasion as much as the guests and the marrying couple? With the habit of keeping a perfect mental checklist and knowledge of the best practices for shooting wedding photos, wedding photography is bound to be a delightful task for a photographer.

Wedding photography is a specialised area of work, the training for which, acquired from photography courses, is very necessary for a professional level engagement.A great liking for the wedding event is a prerequisite for the emotional involvement while doing the shoot, over and above the technical dexterity required.


With a perfect combination of passion for such photography and the technical skills needed, imbibed from photography classes, the resulting pictures are bound to be quite expectedly top class.

Now, If you had to, how could you possibly rate a wedding photograph? While you could always use an eye for beauty on your own terms, there are a few professional reasons that make a photo worth a good rating. Getting trained at a photography training institute like Hamstech can help you develop that sense of judgement.


Here are a few reasons that can ideally be used to rate a wedding picture.


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It captures an important moment.


Weddings under different cultures and customs will have pivotal moments in the ceremony that cannot be missed. For instance, kissing the bride in Christian marriages or tying the mangal sutra in Hindu weddings are among the most important moments in the entire marriage ceremony.

If these moments are captured with clarity, from the best angle of exposure and with good focus on the couple, soaking up the glow of joy and ebbing emotions, the photograph has every reason to be highly liked.


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The candids are well timed.


Candid photography is the in thing today where the skill of the photographer is challenged to excel in clicking high quality pictures.

A well-timed candid photograph happens when the photographer captures the rare expressive moments of the wedding couple and others at the occasion. The moments of joy, celebration and activity are captured without any purported arrangement. If a picture can portray the dynamism and human expressions with clarity and effect, the picture becomes a memorable frame for all time.


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The frames are well planned.


There are certain customary frames that are part of shooting weddings; be it the frames with the married couple, the friends cheering for the couple, or relatives meeting the couple and sharing jovial time with each other. Similar frames are those that show the different stages of the wedding ceremony including ring shots, bouquet shots and bridesmaids’ shots among others.

The photographer has to keep a check on whether these essential frames are all covered in the shoot. Getting the typical elements and mood of each of these frames with precise coverage makes the photos worth a lifetime’s admiration.


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There’s good coverage of the venue.


Venue shots are integral to the wedding shoot. The stage for wedding, the decorations and accessories like wedding cake, all come under venue shots. Wide shots and crafty shots with focus play and background accentuation can all create good venue photos that give impactful images.

The points we discussed now are some of the basic parameters that decide the effectiveness of a wedding photograph. So before the next wedding you plan to click for, ponder on these and practice a bit to get splendid images you’ll be proud about.


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