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Photography Tips: Shooting Sharp with Smartphones

photography classes

This is the era where fingers run faster than feet and news spreads faster than it happens. The smartphone era is happening and is defining lifestyle in numerous new ways encompassing the more empowered and simplified creative pursuits like photography.

Camera as a smartphone feature that has improved by leaps and bounds with technology like dual focus redefining the manner in which images can be clicked with unprecedented precision and clarity. No wonder smartphone photography and videography are in itself new branches of creative endeavour recognized worldwide with professionals working in it.


Photography courses


Photography courses today, as the one in Hamstech Institute, are exploring smartphone photography more seriously with well-recognized relevance. It’s only a timely discussion a photography school of Hamstech’s repute can have here about shooting sharp and clear pictures with smartphones. Afterall it’s a matter that many photography enthusiasts are urging to be guided in.

With this discussion, we believe you will be in a position to click better photographs on smartphones and make your profile on platforms like Instagram much richer. Before you enrol into photography training courses, here’s a chance to enjoy an appetizer that will inspire you to pursue professional guidance with expert photographers.


photography school


Is focus an unbridled issue for you?


A major issue every smartphone user faces while clicking a photo is that the focus gets lost and blur hinders the image very easily. Now, given the fact that a smartphone camera is no match for a good DSLR camera, the focusing will need more effort and use of a simple trick.

Rather than doing a one touch click, try by keeping the click button pressed for a couple of seconds before release. This gives the camera time to set the focus in leading to a clear focus and a clear picture.


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Are the smaller subjects hard to capture?


Of course, smaller objects are hard to capture in a sizeable manner in smartphones. Even when it is claimed that zoomed images will look clear, the reality the picture pixelates. Unlike a DSLR camera, the smartphone has lesser pixel size and resolution. Hence, the smaller objects or objects at a distance will look smaller and unclear. The best solution is to bring the lens closer to the subject of the frame.


photography training institutes


Wondering what it takes to get bright pictures?


Flash is not the answer to this question. Any light source, natural or artificial serves as the best element that brings bright pictures to life. Even for night shots, a lot of improvement in the quality of the shot can be achieved with an external light source rather than the in-built flash.


Are true colours hard to achieve?


Well, this is an issue especially in mixed light conditions that digital camera is not all too capable to handle by itself. Understanding the white balance setting and adjusting it to the required level manually makes necessary adjustments to get the colour variations under control.

So as we saw, many common issues faced by smartphone photographers have solutions that have to be practiced to perfect. With basic knowledge as this, you can confidently advance to pursue a professional level of photography.


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