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Photography: Tips to Become a Good Fashion Photographer

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Every day, as we travel, we notice lot of advertisements that catch our attention. The ad’s appeal maybe created by the model, jewellery, garment or the background setting. But have you ever wondered who is behind the visuals in such ads? You’ve guessed it right! It’s a fashion photographer.

A good photo-shoot or an ad campaign gets the required attention mainly because of the work the fashion photographer puts in behind the scenes. He’s the person who can visualize and see beyond the obvious and make a frame look captivating.

Choosing your profession as a fashion photographer calls for immense dedication and a keen sense of creativity. It also requires certain skill-set that can only be developed at a photography training institute. Here are few tips on how to hone the required skills to become a fashion photographer.


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An Eye for Fashion


A fashion photographer is the one who looks into garments, poses, exposure and highlights involved in different shoots for advertisement campaigns, fashion magazines and catalogues. The person has to closely coordinate with fashion brands so that its products get portrayed the right way.

Being in a highly competitive career line, fashion photographers face tough competition and challenges. So, to become a successful fashion photographer, a keen eye for the fashion industry and trends is a must.


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Product Knowledge


There’s a bound to be differences in what you learn in photography classes and what you come across in real-life scenarios. It is basically through classroom training that a person can learn and absorb the essentials most.

While working on any assignment, a fashion photographer must have clear knowledge of the product as this helps make the shoot conceptualisation perfect and shoot requirement assessment accurate.


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Take Inspiration


Most fashion photographers take inspiration from their surroundings. Inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone. The actual challenge is how well you use it in your photo-shoots. For budding photographers, site visits and excursions are among the teaching techniques that are sources of inspiration adopted by photography institutes in Hyderabad like Hamstech.


Use your Creativity


Creativity is what speaks loud in a career like fashion photography. It all depends on how well you play around with lights, props, styling and technology. If you possess strong subject knowledge and have a knack of working things out, then you are on the right path. Pursuing a photography course will only add to your subject knowledge.


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Visit Photo-shoots and Workshops


You can work as an intern with fashion photographers so that you can get an idea of how things work. Be a part of workshops and seminars that will help you get an insight into the craft. With time and experience, you’ll develop the required skills and knowledge to become a successful fashion photographer.


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Build a Portfolio


In the course of learning, you may experiment with new technologies, colours, fabrics, etc. Make sure you create a portfolio that has added to it the best of your works. A well-thought of portfolio is the true reflection of your efforts and talent. Be smart at building a strong portfolio which can showcase your work and calibre.

The above points are just a gist of how you can develop your skills to become a good fashion photographer. Your everyday experience is your best guide in acquiring knowledge and expertise.

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