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Photography Trivia: Richest Photographers of the World

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If you are a talented photographer, finding inspiration in the best photographers of the world could also mean following how rich some of them are! Looking at their wealth can give a boost to your efforts to master your craft and work hard in your career.

Making your name in the photography industry is quite important if you are really serious about your craft. Photography courses does make you skilled and knowledgeable. But to find opportunities and give the best shots are part of your exercise to make it big in the industry.

If you observe the career paths of rich and renowned photographers, you will see that they have made very smart decisions and stayed extremely devoted, which led them to earn their worth in the industry. Each of them specialise in a particular category of photography, use the best of their imagination and knowledge and puts viewers at awe with the quality of images and depth of their vision. This is of course the ultimate purpose of training at any photography training institute.

Let’s now check out in brief the profiles of some of the richest photographers of the world. Make this list an inspiration to work while doing photography training courses.


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Nick Brandt


This avid wildlife photographer is renowned for not just being one of the wealthiest photographers, but for his obsession to capture African wildlife and inhabitants. His iconic images in his niche topic have earned him international acclaim and awards. He is also an activist who is keen on conserving the African ecosystem, for which he has started a non-profit organisation.

The best features of his photography include amazing camera angles, use of lenses and the real-life feel his images give.


Zhang Jinghua


She’s a young Chinese-Singaporean photographer who has gained tremendous acclaim and affluence at the age of 26. Her profile has the distinction of remarkable works with Mercedes-Benz, Pond’s, Elle magazine, Canon and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising. With a signature style of a laid back approach to photography, her works give out a vibe of peace and tranquil.


Lynsey Addario


Lynsey captures the raw, rugged and dark reality of lives around the world, especially from war zones and conflict areas. With her unique style, she keenly portrays women’s role in society. Her concern for human rights and people’s conflicts are the main themes for her images that has led her to work in countries like Afghanistan, Libya, Congo and Iraq. Her pictures say volumes about the pangs of life and death in war-torn and conflict-ridden areas of the world.


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Morgan Norman


Probably the wealthiest of all photographers, this fashion photographer is famous for his unique sense of style and skill in bringing the best work from his models during his shoots. He also creates masterpieces with his unique sense of apparels and accessories his models wear. His use of colours and lights are also among his strongest points.


Gilles Bensimon


Another dedicated fashion photographer, this super rich French photographer has captured images of famous models including Elle Macpherson, Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. He is also the former International Creative Director of Elle magazine. With an amazing eye for glamour, his style of photography is a benchmark for fashion photographers.

Does these rich photographers give you a thrill? It definitely needs tremendous amount of hard work, determination, passion and skill to make it that far. But who can stop you if you have the will to go the extra mile?!


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