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Popular art inspiration followed at Hamstech Institute.

Hamstech Institute

With inspirations all around us, it’s important to be open-minded and see the beauty around us to help fuel our creative designs.

Nature has always been a popular source of inspiration followed by students at Hamstech Institute. From designing garments to making matching jewellery, to setting the theme of your house or photographing moments, nature has been a boundless reservoir.

Students at Hamstech Institute are encouraged to look into designers who have mastered the art of instilling nature in their designs.

Let me explain how to integrate nature in design.


Let in the Sun.

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A very common theme students of fashion designing colleges seek inspirations from is the Sun. It’s not just the imagery that’s inspiring, but the colours of sunrise or sunset and even the colour of the orb.

Similarly, jewellery designing course students use gemstones like citrine or yellow sapphire to craft patterns resembling the sun.

The sun seems to reach our living quarters too. Students of interior designing course are taught to take simple ideas and turn them into powerful statements, for example, a bright yellow couch in the living room or set of throw pillows in the shades of sunrise.

Just the same, sunrise and sunset have been popular photography models. Students of photography classes at Hamstech Institute are given extensive training on capturing the beauty of this phenomenon in all kinds of conditions.

It is very easy to implement such a simple theme in your designs but the aim is to make sure your designs look spectacular.


Flora and fauna of our hearts.


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Another very commonly used theme in the top fashion design colleges is flora and fauna. A great number of fashion designers have been inspired by plants, trees, animal, insects and the general greenery. With the nature paving the way for our designs, what could go wrong?

Students of jewellery designing course of today never seem to exhaust of ideas inspired by foliage. Insects themed jewellery and delicate flora earrings are all-time iconic pieces.

Along the same lines, a leafy print throw pillow or wallpaper full of mystic designs from the jungle or elaborate bedposts designs, interiors have also welcomed the elements of greener earth.

Photography classes students are often encouraged at Hamstech Institute to take a hike in their surrounding woods with a camera. Nature has its way of turning simple imagery into stunning works of art and to get an opportunity to capture this for all to see is just magical.

For designers, flora and fauna are a source of infinite inspiration and Hamstech Institute makes it a point that all students experience this joy.


Sounds of the sea.


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One of the favourite themes loved by students of Hamstech Institute is the elements of the sea. Which means the water, sand, colourful seashells, sea life and also the colours of it all are the disposal of the students to take inspirations from. A fashion designing student can choose to design a dress in the shades of the water or embroider scenes from life under the sea.

Students of jewellery design courses enjoy making jewellery out of seashells, they say it gives them a feeling of being near the sea. The accessories ideas inspired by the sea that students come up with in classes at Hamstech Institute makes everyone want to pack up their bags and head to the beach.

The creativity of students also reaches the depths of the interiors of a home. From designing wallpapers full of life 20 thousand leagues under the sea to making statement mirrors of driftwood, sea shells and star fishes fill the imagination of students and faculty alike.

When it comes to photography, the course is incomplete without this theme. Students are taught to take pictures of the various elements but they are also exposed to creative photography styles like underwater shoots.

Nature’s beauty surrounds us and to reflect your love for favourite flower or creature from under the sea through your designs is a bonus. At Hamstech Institute, we aim to bring you closer to this infinitely rewarding experience.

So what are you waiting for? See for yourself, how designers have been creating stunning nature inspired designs.



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