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Portfolio Tips for Creative Courses by Hamstech Institute

Hamstech institute

A portfolio is defined as the best work put together by a student. It plays a significant role in a student’s career as it becomes one of the deciding factors when students are hired by companies. A portfolio can be presented in two ways- physical or digital presentations.

Of late, many creative institutes are laying emphasis on developing a professional portfolio. Be it any creative stream, putting together an attractive portfolio has become a major part of career training.

As a pioneer of creative education, Hamstech institute is one such place that prepares its students to be industry-ready and equipped with an impressive portfolio. Right from its establishment, the institute has supported students’ interest in career options such as fashion designing, interior designing, jewellery designing and professional photography.

For each of these courses, portfolio designing has become a major part of the curriculum. Here are few portfolio tips imparted  by Hamstech:



fashion designing course


Every job is unique and so are its requirements. When you begin to design your portfolio, make sure you make it adaptable to the required position. Remove all that is irrelevant and add what you are best at. This idea is quite similar to your resume as you make it adaptable to the job you’re applying for.

In a fashion designing course, you can easily maintain a physical as well as a digital portfolio. A physical portfolio may work well as you get to display your fabric and pattern knowledge through swatches and paper patterns respectively. When it comes to digital portfolio, you can add many sketches and designs which otherwise may be difficult to portray.


Your Best Work


photography course


When it comes to displaying your best work in photography, a digital portfolio works best. During a photography course, a student gets an opportunity to click many pictures. You may have a good count of pictures and saving in a digital portfolio is a good option to retain its originality.

The whole idea of a digital portfolio is to keep it clean and uncluttered. In case you want to display your other works, you can always leave a link that leads to your picture gallery. In this way your work is more organized.


Focus on your Strengths   


interior design course


Be it any stream, the whole idea to display your portfolio is to showcase your expertise. For example, in an interior design course, if you are good with space management or interior landscape, show everything pertaining to that subject. Stay away from things that you are not good at.


Do a thorough research

If you’ve decided on a particular theme, you are expected to do a thorough research. A well-researched topic, when presented well in a portfolio, can fetch you compliments. Since a portfolio is the best way to express your work, you must be able to creatively present it too.

A good research will greatly portray your interest in the subject. This in turn will add value to your portfolio.


Your Presentation


jewellery design classes


No matter how good your work is, but a poor presentation can ruin your hard work. Your presentation should be very impressive. In jewellery design classes, towards the end of the semester an exclusive training on portfolio presentation is given.

You can always choose a theme and created a story around it to make an interesting presentation. If you’re good with jewellery illustration, you can always add your best designs and work on an impressive presentation.

The above portfolio tips pertain to all Hamstech courses. Keeping these basic tips in mind, this is your chance to create an impressive portfolio that can help you find your dream job.

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