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When it comes to looking for inspiration for crafting the future of fashion, there’s definitely a lot to be learned from the past. Fashion has kept changing according to the changing lifestyle and choices of the people all over the world. Fashion students go deeper than any other into the process of finding and using the treasure of information on era-based fashion to master their craft.

An exercise in improving the comprehension of fashion through the times was planned and executed as a seminar by the fashion design team of Hamstech Institute. It was conducted on February 14, 2018 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Auditorium, Hyderabad. The seminar highlighted the draping styles and clothing varieties of people from different parts of the world in different periods of history. There was also a presentation given by the students who portrayed the fashion trends of multiple eras.


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The faculty of fashion designing at Hamstech had planned this activity to make the whole learning process practice-oriented. They divided the students into groups and assigned each of them the task of presenting the fashion of a particular era. The added element to this exercise was that the students had to design the attires with a view to making them suggestive of upcoming trends.


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The students took up the fashion design training activity with gusto and clearly presented how different forms of clothing and accessories like jewellery indicated social status, gender and affluence. They used appropriate costumes and jewellery along with hairstyle and props, all of which were done by Hamstech’s students. In all, 18 themes were presented in the event. Their best efforts led to a complete presentation in the form of skit, drama and dance.

Hamstech’s active learning style was fully implemented in the seminar with the presentation that was staged. The institute puts much faith in such a learning process. It has consistently brought tremendous results with its students through the years.


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