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Revive your Wardrobe with Jewellery Design

Jewellery has the power to transform even the drabbest outfit! It can be used to enliven forgotten articles of clothing and making them as good as new again.

Over a period of time, a certain corner of the wardrobe eventually becomes a dumping yard for clothes that either don’t fit or are too boring to wear.

These can be refurbished by adding an interesting element. This is where your creativity and skills acquired in your  jewellery designing classes come into picture.

Here are some wonderful tips on how you can revive your wardrobe with jewellery design:

A Signature Style


Image 1


A scarf is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in a wardrobe. All you need to do is, pick a scarf from your wardrobe and loop in a huge pendant through it or even stitch an old jhumka (dangle earring) at different layers of the scarf.

Drape it in a single or a double layer over a long flowy skirt or denims to jazz up a plain look. Even in a jewellery designing course, you can get to learn many tricks and hacks on how to make use of old and broken jewellery to create new pieces or adorn garments.

The Boho Look


Image 2


Long floral flowy skirts, tops, fringed jackets, boots, etc. when paired with the right accessories complete a bohemian look. A bohemian look is also identified by oxidized and junk jewellery.

To achieve this look, dig out all your old flowy garments as well as your oxidized jewellery. You could pick an oxidized neckpiece or earrings and smartly pair them with your skirt or a flowy dress.

Wow! You’re successful in giving a fresh look to a long forgotten part of your wardrobe!

Restore the Old


Image 3


What best can you do with a pair of slip-ons or old boots? Most of us would actually get rid of them. Wouldn’t we?

Why not be a little creative and think out of the box? Take your slip-ons or old boots, clean them well and give them an interesting look by adding a bold jewel stone or a buckle made out of twisting metal wiring.

So here is what you could do. Take a loose stone/gem and glue it over or at the side of your footwear. This is one simple way to make your footwear look new and interesting.

Jewellery designing is a captivating subject. So, when you’re a part of a jewellery design course, you get to learn and understand the subject in-depth and its versatile usage.

Loop it Along


Image 4


Some of the old stuff in our wardrobes also includes belts which are either made of cloth or metal. Some belts are used way too long that they get worn out while others are faded and forgotten.

In order to make your metal belt look interesting, you can hook few of your old earrings (irrespective of the size) along the loops. And for a cloth belt, you can stitch or glue beads along the edges.

Once again you have a lovely accessory ready! This can be paired with just about anything.

Turn Fabric into Jewellery


Fabric Jewellery


One of the easiest ways of recycling your old garments is transforming them into jewellery pieces. You can make a fabric necklace, button earrings or even a lace bracelet to avoid wastage and creating new stylish additions to your wardrobe!

With so many jewellery designing institutes booming in the city, it is quite evident that this field is growing into one of the most popular ones. Jewellery designing not only requires you to know the craft but also to be able to use it in a creative way!

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