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When beautifying spaces, we use different kinds of décor be it paintings, showpieces or various art works. When designing a project, it is important that you plan everything in advance. If it’s not done so, you will not achieve the results you want. And out of all these, the most important one is the selection and placement of accessories.

To understand the importance of accessories we first need to understand “What Is Interior Designing? It is the process of adding life to a mundane room in a creative way. 

But, often as interior designers, we see that the clients do not poses enough accessories because they are either tired of the complete process or might have run short of funds. This results in an incomplete design. Accessories play a very vital role in completing and enhancing the designs. It adds a finishing touch to the room.

Top interior designers in Hyderabad say that choosing the right shade of paint is essential when adding accessories to your wall. You can add a rug to add personality to your seating area. You can choose a side table carefully so it adds style, also adding a perfect lamp shade works like an “icing on the cake”.

Sometimes Interior Design jobs are considered very easy but people forget that arranging a room with appropriate or desired colours and accessories is not a child’s play.


Many times people add accessories to their room for the sake of adding. The creative placement of certain accessories is a key feature which helps in identifying the space. Like the console table placed behind a sofa can delineate the seating arrangement.  Adding candlestick lamps on top and cube ottomans underneath will layer function and style to the arrangement of the room.

The biggest mistake people make is adding items without giving any thought on how these objects will affect the overall look of the area they are placed in. Looking for items that reflect the taste or suit the individual sense of style and personality is a much needed thing. One should start by taking a look through their own possessions. Accessories are not just bought from the stores, you can find some in your home. Take out the old trunk full of memories and see what can be used as an accessory in your room. This will enhance the look and keep you closer to one of your best memories. 

Finding the best accessories for your rooms should be fun and certainly not be a time-consuming chore. You can easily find some unique pieces online.

Accessories should always be selected as per the overall style of the room. They should complement your personal taste. But if it is too offbeat then it can spoil the entire look of the room. The selection of right accessories will add both style and space to your room.

You must add things as per your client’s taste. They can take out old picture frames, artworks or various other décor pieces. You can also find things that will go well with what your client already owns. 

The Importance of Accessories

Importance of Accessories in Interior Design

Accessories are a powerful tool in Interior Designing and here’s why: 

  • They make your spaces come alive as they add texture, colour, pattern and form.
  • Accessories aren’t just eye candy– They can be functional in their forms such as vases, books and bowls.
  • Accessories help you pull your design scheme together.

The Do’s

Selection of Accessories in Interior Design_ The Do's

  • Adding accessories such as throws, sheepskins, cushions and flowers adds texture and interest. 
  • If the walls in a room are of a dark shade, you can use accessories that will add contrast and lift the entire look of that area. 
  • Varying the scale of your accessories, as well as taking into consideration their shapes, will provide impact and visual interest.

For example: Adding a plant will add texture, life and colour to your beautifully styled space.

  • Adding beautiful mirrors are a great alternative to an art gallery wall. They provide a great impact, interest and detail to the space with the reflective surfaces.
  • One can also add accessories to add bright pops of colour to an all-white room. Personal photographs, can also be displayed together with contemporary and more traditional art pieces. All the chosen accessories can help to create a relaxed and fun space. 
  • Scale and proportion are important while adding accessories to any space. They should go well with your room. If you are lucky and have a large room, you can add various other unique pieces to beautify the area. 


The Don’ts

Selection of Accessories in Interior Design_ The Don'ts

  • Try not to clutter your spaces with meaningless objects. It is important to keep the room spacious. 
  • Don’t choose accessories that look alike otherwise, you end up with a contrived look that is unnatural. Mix it up to create more interest. 
  • Try not to overwhelm small spaces with large décor or accessories.

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