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Setting Coffee Tables in Interior Designing

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Any day, a coffee table communion is better than a courtroom drama. Everybody needs to unwind, confide and mingle. What better way of doing it than over coffee? A coffee table brings people together around it to indulge in a good round of coffee and chat.

There’s a high relevance of designing a living room in the interior designing parlance. But as much important is choosing an accessory like coffee table. It’s an accessory to which brilliant furniture design ideas can be applied. One can learn setting a coffee table creatively at interior decoration courses.

What is a coffee table?


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Coffee table is a low lying table meant for serving coffee and more. It’s placed amongst or beside a seating arrangement in a living room or a family room. It doesn’t really end with serving coffee though. The table design, in its variations can afford to double up as a mini shelf or book stand. Placing items like vases, terrariums or memento enriches its look.

The “coffee” in the name is a tribute to the drink that adds to the good time. “Coffee table” was coined at a time when coffee was getting popular in Europe.

Coffee Table


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As a prominent accessory in a house, coffee table design is basically considered in the light of its functionality, placement and a few other factors.

What does it do?


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Simple coffee tables will have only the basic use of serving beverages. Drawers are attached to them to facilitate storing magazines or toys. A shelf can be made into it to create a small storage area.

Where is it used?


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Coffee tables for the living room commonly have more designer aspect to it. These tables are crafted in showy styles. A vintage style will have curved legs and embellished edges. A contemporary design will have less embellishment, curvy edges, unconventional designs and glass tops.

Coffee tables for family room will ideally have plain designs, curvy tops and less ornamentation. Harder use and concern for safety especially with children, prompts for smoother and round edges.

What shape is it?


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A rectangular coffee table is good for a wider room with more space between the table and other accessories like the sofa. Square tables suit rooms which are not wide and will easily blend without apparent size anomaly.

What size is it?


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The size of the table depends on the layout and size of the room. The size aspect also prompts for a custom-designed table.

What material is it made of?


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Besides wood, there are other options like glass and steel for table material. Combining brass or steel with glass tables can give a special feel. Metal designer tables can give an aristocratic feel. Glass tops or full glass tables can reduce the feeling of loss of space.

Making extraordinary accessories like a coffee table must be the aim of students in interior design classes. Hamstech has expert trainers who help students bring up great concepts for every element, thereby transforming each student into unique artist.

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