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Shabnam Gupta: An inspiration to Hamstech’s achievers

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The sole purpose of a mentor is to impart professional learning to students. A mentor’s knowledge and skills are the key tools in ascertaining a students’ career. Effective mentorship has the power to motivate and bring out the best in a student.

In recent times, many institutes have invited renowned artists as mentors who have the knowledge and practical experience, which can prove to be tremendously enriching for students; one such institute is Hamstech. Hamstech institute of fashion and interior design comes with over two decades of experience in creative education. It has been consistently educating and empowering students in this competitive industry.

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Over a period of two decades, Hamstech has set its parameter and made a niche for itself by associating with extremely talented artists. Recently, the institute announced its collaboration with Ms. Shabnam Gupta as the new mentor and chief advisor for its interior design students.

Students from various backgrounds join interior design course at Hamstech to seek practical exposure and quality education. Keeping every students’ aspirations in mind, Hamstech believes in combining expertise and knowledge of mentors to bring about the best teaching-learning methodology.

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Ms. Shabnam, a globally recognized interior designer comes with over 14 years of experience. She has a unique taste and has created eccentric homes and offices for many renowned celebrities. Quirky colours, unique textures and elements are her signature style.

As an interior designer, Ms. Shabnam’s unique style and adaptability to new the changing trends is admirable. Every space designed by her is distinct and crafted with sensitivity. She has the ability to beautifully transform mundane spaces into something extraordinary.

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Celebrities like Parineeti Chopra, Irrfan Khan, Raveena Tandon, Vidu Vinod Chopra and many more have been her clients. Every wall designed by Shabnam speaks volumes of her knowledge, experience and choice. She has very creatively used her client’s taste and expressed it in the most glamorous and artistic way possible.

Shabnam Gupta

Today, as courses in interior designing get popular, many students wants to venture out as a professional and renowned designer. With popular designers being recognised and covered by the media for their unique work, significance of this career as well as other creative courses has helped students to break-free from stereotype jobs and dare to dream.

The course curriculum in interior design classes at Hamstech, includes everything from basic designing to advance designing. Important topics like space planning, estimation and project management, interior landscape, etc., are taught throughout the semesters. Apart from theoretical knowledge, Hamstech also hold its annual show and exhibition titled, “InteriYour Show & Sale”. The hands-on experience provided here clubbed with Ms. Shabnam’s expertise and proficient mentorship, students are bound to deliver their best. Hamstech has always followed a unique approach in building a strong platform for every student.

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Efficient mentorship has always improved the quality of education as well as created strong professionals. As Hamstech brings an enriching learning experience through its mentors, every aspiring student now has a chance to learn from the best.

To sum it all up, here’s a quote by John C. Crosby, which says, “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction”.

That, we believe, says it all!

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