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Simple Techniques of Quilling in Jewellery Design

jewellery designing course

How about wearing jewellery that’s made of paper, which is lightweight, colourful and fun. Sounds interesting, isn’t it! There are different types of handmade jewellery of which paper quilling is one of the most popular.

Other than decoration and craft, paper quilling is now used to make interesting fashion jewellery too. Today, a jewellery designing course involves creative ideas that help students come up with their innovative designs. Earrings, pendants, mangteeka, bracelet, etc. are few accessories that can be made using paper quilling.

Here are few simple steps to help you get started with paper quilling jewellery. Before you begin, you need to gather the raw material required. For this you’ll need:

  • Colourful strips
  • Earring Hooks
  • Craft glue
  • Quilling took
  • Clear varnish

Stunning Earrings (jhumkas)

jewellery design classes

In jewellery design classes, students get an opportunity to create simple to advanced designs. With paper quilling, you can choose to make either traditional or modern jewellery. Let’s learn how to create traditional earrings like, jhumkas.

You need to first roll out two quilling papers to form cones. Make tiny balls (this could be in a different colour) or simply glue golden beads around the rim of the cone. Now carefully loop in a coil through the tip of the cone and attach the hook through the coil. Add the clear varnish for a final finish.

Voila! Your jhumkas are ready!

A Statement Necklace.

jewellery designing institute

Once you visualize a design, sketch it out on paper for better clarity. Roll out the quilling paper in various shapes and sizes. Use the craft glue and stick the shapes together keeping your design in mind. You can further elaborate your design by adding more shapes in and around the neckpiece. Now apply the clear varnish to strengthen it. Loop in a coil and then slip the chain through it.  With the tricks you learn at jewellery designing classes, you can create even more stunning pieces.

Congratulations! You’ve created a lovely statement necklace.

Funky Bracelet

jewelry design education

Jewellery designing is all about creativity. You can choose wooden beads, pipes and other decorative material to jazz up your designs.

For creating a funky bracelet, roll out few colourful quilling papers in different shapes. Measure your wrist and then make the number of pieces required for the bracelet. Now, alternate each shape with a coil and create a circle. Towards the end, secure it with a hook.

Beautiful Ring

jewellery design school

This is the simplest of all other designs. Create different shapes using quilling paper. Glue the shapes in unique designs, apply clear varnish and set them aside to dry. Select finger rings that comfortable slip through your fingers and glue the shapes on it.

To highlight the piece, you can also embellish it with a crystal, bead or any other decorative material. What more, your elegant ring is ready.

If you are interested in making jewellery and feel very passionate about handicraft then you should consider joining jewellery designing institute. In an institute, you get the right exposure and hence can develop new ideas and learning skills.

By using colourful quilling paper, you can create an entire jewellery set. Use your creativity and come up with your signature style!

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