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Space Management: A Significant Part of Interior Design

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Space crunch is an issue every household needs to tackle efficiently. Quite often you would have faced problems with a cramped closet or a restricted kitchen space, leading to clutter. A messy space can never harbor positive energy, hence, be it office or home, efficient space management is the key to creating perfect ambience.

Ideal space management goes much beyond just designing floors, roofs and corridors. If you are one of those who has an avid interest in designing spaces, you could consider joining an interior designing college. In an interior designing class, students are educated about historical, technical, sociological and artistic designs and their origination. Such classes not only teach students to work with spaces but also view them from a different perspective.

But to begin with, let’s take a look at some hacks that may help you with efficient space management:

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Carve it or Stack it

If you own one of those old bulky wooden chairs, you could actually carve out some space from its bottom or make square shaped spaces. Since the carved space would be quite compact, you could use it as a book shelf or place a small plant.
Doesn’t that seem interesting?

Another idea is to add more wood (in a creative manner) behind the chair and create stacks. This could also be used as a book shelf for your mini library, or serve as a lazy chair, ideal for a Sunday afternoon.

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Multipurpose Bed

Say you have guests coming over for the night, but your bedroom is too small to accommodate another bed, what would you do? The only solution is – Think ahead and accommodate wisely. Or:

Purchase a ‘Trundle Bed’. Trundle beds have an extra bed hidden underneath which can be pulled out whenever needed. This doesn’t eat any space, is compact and as cozy as a bed should be.
Another idea is to get a ‘Hydraulic Storage Bed’. Such beds give you enough space to store your mattresses, pillows, quilts and more.
Considering the recent space issues faced by many households, students have enrolled with top interior designing colleges in Hyderabad, which helps candidates’ learn and educate themselves about furniture that is efficient, eco-friendly and occupies less area.

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Sliding Kitchen Table & Draws

A dining table is known to occupy a lot of space. Many modular kitchens these days have come up with sliding tables. These tables have a dual purpose. When not in use, the platform is used for miscellaneous purposes and when required for dining, the table slides out.

Similarly, many kitchens have switched to the idea of sliding draws too. These draws are used to store cutleries.

The whole idea of sliding tables and draws is to have an uncluttered kitchen especially in small apartments or houses.

This compact style has become very popular in homes which suffer space constrain. In many interior designing courses, space management is an important part of a curriculum, where students are taught the practical aspects of space management and its uses.

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Ceiling as storage

Did you know that your ceiling can be multipurpose too? Other than hanging fancy lights on the ceiling, it can also serve as a useful place to store. Fix wooden planks with the help of beams or chains and use it to store products.

If such creative ideas have inspired you, opt for interior design classes. Subjects included in such courses will give you a direction and your ideas a structure.

So go ahead, conquer all that clutter!

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